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As summer approaches, more and more plants are being sold in various stores, and it’s time for you to join the masses and purchase a plant for your home. Besides adding some color to your apartment, you’ll feel like a real adult with a plant to look after and be responsible for. Here are some of the best and lowest maintenance indoor plants to consider adding to your home.

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  1. Peace Lily. It’s easy to grow and once it does, gorgeous white flowers bloom from it, which will have any room in your apartment feeling fresher and warmer. The leaves are toxic if eaten in large quantities so try to restrain yourself from eating the plant! Additionally, the peace lily is known as a great plant for improving air quality indoors and doesn’t need a lot of light, so you don’t need to keep it in the room with the most sun access.
  2. Chinese Evergreen. This plant is one of the easiest indoor plants to take care of since it only needs a moderate amount of watering and can handle a range of lighting — which means you can pretty much choose any room in your apartment to put it in. The leaves of Evergreens can vary from greens, yellows, and grays, as well as stripes, spots, and streaks, so they’ll definitely liven up your home.
  3. Snake Plant. The snake plant has a tall grass-like appearance but its “grass” is sturdy, won’t wilt, and can easily get by without much sun or water. You can put it in a darker corner of your apartment to add some color and life to the room and don’t have to worry about it dying there either. Most snake plants are green though some have leaves with yellow or white edges; on rare occasions, small white flowers will bloom from the plant. You only have to water snake plants every few weeks so it’s a perfect houseplant if you don’t have much of a green thumb.
  4. Spider Plant. Also known as an airplane plant, the spider plant can handle basically any lighting situation (though bright, indirect sunlight is best) and needs only occasional watering, making it an easy indoor plant to take care of. The plant itself is somewhat unusual-looking so it’ll add a point of interest and color to any room in your apartment and would do well in a hanging planter or floor pot.
  5. Cacti. If you’re worried you’ll forget to water your plant, the cacti is probably the safest choice as it can survive in the desert. They’re super low-maintenance and you can easily leave it in your apartment if you’re away without worrying about killing it. You’ll want to place the cacti near a window so they get lots of sun and water it periodically.

Plants are a great addition to your home and can add some color and freshness indoors while simultaneously improving the air quality in your apartment; plus, you’ll feel more like a mature adult with a living thing to look after and care for!

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