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Pokémon Go is the newest craze to take over the nation, now more popular than Candy Crush, with more than 10 million downloads of the game within the first week. What is it? It’s a free game for iPhones and Android phones brought to you by Niantic Labs partnering with Nintendo and Pokémon Co. The game is played in augmented reality (AR), in which your smartphone’s camera, GPS, and position sensors tell the game what to show and where, layering a digital reality over the real world. Those who grew up with Pokémon can shelve their nostalgia as they catch Pokémon, battle, and evolve their creatures using a combination of technology and reality.



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Pokémon Go is a social media phenomenon, bringing people together and making them more active as users have to physically travel to move around the game’s map. In order to win, you have to visit PokéStops, which are located all across the country, and allow you to collect items like potions, eggs, which you hatch by walking, and more Poké balls — which you could otherwise buy in the app for $1.

You’re more likely to find and catch Pokémon around PokéSpots, which tend to be more populated areas, than random less populous locales. For instance, tourist spots, malls, museums, and college campuses, are sure to have some Pokémon waiting to be caught, so you’re better off heading there to play Pokémon Go.

In fact, the UCI campus has seen an uptick in visitors as people flock to the campus to try to catch Pokémon; with nearly 80 PokéStops, the school is a hotspot for Pokémon Go players. There are also some other locations in Orange County that boast lots of PokéStops, like Huntington Beach Central Park, Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, Cal State Fullerton, Downtown Disney in Anaheim, and Orange County Great Park in Irvine.

So if you’re playing Pokémon Go, don’t miss out on all the PokéStops in California — after all, you’ve gotta catch ’em all!

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