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When it comes to your apartment, there are a lot of ways to decorate — and the place won’t really start to feel like home until you put your stamp on it. Even when you rent a furnished apartment, there’s still room for you to choose decor and make the space your own. Here’s a short guide to apartment decor for furnished apartments.


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  1. Pillows & Throw Blankets. Pillows are a great way to introduce some personality and color to a room as you can put them on couches, chairs, or even just pile them up in a designated reading corner. They’re a relatively simple way to put your stamp on a room and make it more fun, especially if you don’t get to pick the other furniture in the room. Additionally, throw blankets to hang over the couch or a chair can also be a fun way to brighten up a room as they come in many kinds of patterns, colors, designs, etc.
  2. Mirrors. Mirrors are great decor as you can pick whatever size or sizes you want and hang them on walls around your apartment. Not only will they make the space appear bigger, but depending on what other decor you hang, they’ll reflect those things too, making it seem like the personal touches you put on the apartment are everywhere. Additionally, you can choose cool frames and interesting shapes for the mirrors so they’ll reflect your personality as well.
  3. Wall Art. You can hang lots of stuff on your walls and basically in every room and once you do, you’ll really start to feel like the apartment is your home. Hang up pictures of friends, family, vacation photos, etc., for a personal touch. You can also buy posters and canvas art of pretty much anything — from movies to singers to animals to positive quotes and more — so you feel like you had a hand in choosing what’s in your apartment.
  4. Throw Rugs. Whether your apartment has flooring or carpet, you can still buy some throw rugs to put around the apartment — by your front door, your bedroom, in your living room, etc. Choose fun or complementary patterns so your rugs add something to whatever room you put them in and make sure your rugs aren’t too big as you may have trouble laying them out.
  5. Knick Knacks. Bought yourself a little something on your last travel adventure? Have a special item you brought with you from home? Some of the smallest ways to approach apartment decor is with knick knacks. Put out the shells you collected at the beach or the little glass vase you bought yourself at a shop. You’ll see these little personal touches and pieces of yourself as you look around your apartment.

All these apartment decor ideas are totally doable and you can pick and choose which methods are the ones you want to use in your space. No matter what you choose, indulging in some apartment decor will enable you to put your stamp on an already furnished apartment and make it feel like home.

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