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Being able to study efficiently is a crucial skill you’ll want to quickly perfect before or during college as it’ll allow you to perform better on tests and in classes as you’re well-versed in the material. To that end, here are some tips on how to study effectively.


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  1. Location. Where you study can really impact how effective your studying is. Choose a location that offers you some privacy and guarantees quiet so you’ll be able to focus. Consider choosing a library on campus or setting up a study space in your apartment to use throughout the year.
  2. Come Prepared. Wherever and whenever you’re studying, always show up ready to study as it will enable you to study more effectively. Have your notes and the study guide handy, as well as multiple pencil, pens, and lined paper, in addition to the more specific materials you need to study for that subject, like a calculator or book. If you have the tools you need to study, you’ll be that much closer to studying well.
  3. Figure Out What Works For You. Some people prefer studying alone to having a study group so it’s up to you to figure out what study method fits. You can also try making flashcards, re-writing your notes, and using mnemonic devices to help you master the material you’re studying. If you’re using the right study methods for you, your studying won’t be as effective.
  4. Take Breaks. Don’t try to cram for hours at a time without stopping — it won’t actually help you learn the material better. Instead, plan ahead so you can leave yourself plenty of time to study for an hour or two and be able to take breaks without worrying about not having enough time to go through all the material.
  5. Keep Distractions To A Minimum. If you’re using your computer to study, it’ll be tempting to check Facebook or Twitter or get lost on YouTube. Try to keep the distractions to a minimum — be they social media, your phone, the TV, etc. — so when you’re studying, your attention is completely focused on the task and you’re being more efficient.
  6. Reward Yourself. Once you’ve studied for a while and really given it your all, reward yourself. This could mean getting to be on social media for 15 minutes, watching an episode of a show, treating yourself to some candy, or something else completely — just as long as it’s incentive for you to study. Using the reward system will keep you motivated to study and cause you to study more effectively.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re next faced with an exam and use them to help you study more effectively and succeed in your classes.

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