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It’s the most wonderful time of the year — the holidays are almost here! But it doesn’t truly start to feel like the holidays until your apartment looks the part. Here’s how to add some holiday cheer to your apartment.pixabay

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  1. String Some Lights. Lights are a great way to start getting your apartment into the holiday spirit — they’re pretty, relatively cheap, and you get a whole bunch of them. Plus, they’re pretty flexible too, so you can put them in different places around your apartment depending on how much you want to be able to see them or what other decorating for the season you’re planning to do. You can string them over your bed if you to add some holiday cheer to your bedroom, or choose a place to maximize the exposure, like framing a doorway or stringing them up in your living room.
  2. Put Up Stockings. Even if you don’t have a mantle, you can still put up stockings in your apartment to add some holiday cheer. Hang them on the wall, on the back of the couch, or somewhere else in your home that needs a touch of Christmas. If you have a roommate, have each of you get one and spend some time together decorating them so they’re more personalized and then hang them up.
  3. Get A Tree. You don’t have to go all out and purchase a big tree, but even buying a cute little one or a fake one will add some holiday cheer to your apartment and get you in the Christmas spirit. Once you’ve got a tree, put it in the living room or somewhere you’ll see it a lot and spend some time decorating it with tinsel, ornaments, and whatever else you’ll enjoy seeing on your very own tree.
  4. Cue the Christmas Music. Whenever you’re home for the evening, make it feel like the holiday season has already arrived by playing Christmas music. There are so many songs covered by different artists that you’ll have no problem creating a playlist and allowing the tunes to add some holiday cheer to your apartment. Even just having Christmas music on low volume in the background as you go about making dinner, doing homework, hanging out, etc., will put you into that much more of a Christmas mood and get you into the holiday spirit.
  5. Decorate! Add even more holiday cheer to your apartment by putting up wreaths, garlands, and mistletoe. Buy some scented candles with appropriate smells for the holiday or that come in red and green and place them around your home. Splurge on a Christmas-patterned throw blanket to use throughout the holiday season on your couch or spend some time doing some crafts to put a personal homemade touch on your decorating for the holiday.

Happy holidays!

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