The 6 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make for 2017

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Many people approach the new year with all sorts of grand ideas and plans, making New Year’s resolutions they never actually keep or do. Still, it is a good idea to make some promises to yourself about things you want to accomplish in 2017 – just choose things that you might actually follow through on. With that in mind, here are the six New Year’s resolutions you should make for the upcoming year.

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  1. Treat Yourself. While you may be living on a budget as a college student, try to indulge yourself in some way this year and treat yourself to something you love. Maybe it’s splurging on a fun spring break, buying that piece of school apparel, or treating yourself to a nice dinner out on the town. It doesn’t matter what you choose; just try to treat yourself more in 2017 – because you’re worth it.
  2. Procrastinate Less.How many times do you put things off until the last minute or find yourself rushing to write a paper the night before it’s due? Well, for 2017, resolve to procrastinate less. Always wanted to take a road trip somewhere? Commit to doing that this summer. Dream of getting up at karaoke night and singing your heart out? Stop worrying about whether you’ll look silly or won’t be able to reach a note and just go for it. Let 2017 be the year you do the things you’ve always put off doing.
  3. Get Healthier.This is a classic resolution people make, but the trick to actually being able to follow through on it is to not overcommit yourself. Maybe your resolution to get healthier will mean exercising more or eating better or simply walking to class instead of hopping on the campus bus. If you try to be realistic about your health goals for 2017, you’ll find them much easier to achieve.
  4. Read More. You probably read a lot for school between all your various classes, but do you remember the last time you read a book for fun? It’s now easier than ever to read as you don’t have to go out and buy or borrow a book anymore since you can read ebooks, so there’s really no excuse to not read more. If you’re a slower reader, make your resolution be to read one chapter a night. Reading is a great hobby and allows you to learn new things and easily enter other worlds – and there are literally millions of novels and stories to choose from so there’s no way for you to run out of what to read or get bored.
  5. Be Grateful. Try to recognize the little things in your life that go well and just be grateful for all that you have. With everyone sharing their lives on social media, it can sometimes be easy to compare your life to others and find it lacking or be jealous of the activities your friends are doing. Instead, try to be more grateful for the things that you get to do and the people in your life, and recognize the riches you have.
  6. Do More of What Makes You Happy. Maybe you love painting or exploring new places or bingeing a TV series – whatever it is you love that makes you happy, resolve to do more of it in 2017. By doing more of the things that bring you joy, you’ll be a happier person and that much more content with your life.

Whatever New Year’s resolutions you decide to make, try to choose things that you’ll be able to follow through on and enjoy doing. There’s no sense in setting yourself up to fail so pick activities that will enhance your life and make 2017 your best year yet. Happy New Year!

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