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As you get started on your spring cleaning for the year, you may want to think beyond just dusting, vacuuming, throwing unneeded things away, etc., to actually looking at how you’ve got your apartment set up and how you’ve organized what you have. With that in mind, here are five organization tips for your apartment and life.


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  1. Buy Office Supplies. As a student, you’re probably taking multiple classes and juggling handouts, notes, and other important papers for each course. Plus, you’ve probably got bills and other documents floating around that you don’t want to misplace. Buying office supplies, like folders, paperclips, desk organizers, and more, will allow you to declutter and straighten up your desk and keep it in order.
  2. Invest in Containers. Containers are a great way to help you organize your apartment. Depending on what you need to store and whether it will be visible, you can get different kinds and sizes of bins, baskets, and plastic containers to keep stuff in around your apartment. Plus, you can buy containers with cool patterns or that are a fun color to add some personality to a room or your apartment as a whole.
  3. Put Things Away. It’s easy to try on clothing and leave it out, telling yourself you’ll put it away later or to put off washing dishes until you basically run out. But it’ll be easier to keep your apartment organized and neat if you put things away on a more regular basis. Organize your apartment with the mantra “a place for everything and everything in its place” in mind.
  4. Use Hooks or Bowls. In your entryway, hang a few small hooks or buy a glass bowl so you’ll have somewhere to put your keys when you walk in. If you have a designated place to put your keys, you won’t waste time looking for them when you’re trying to get out the door and will always know where they are.
  5. Keep A Calendar. Keeping important dates written down either in a planner or on a larger wall calendar can be very useful and help you keep your life organized. You’ll never forget an assignment due date, birthday, or appointment again if you keep pertinent dates and times written down and handy in your planner or calendar. If you’re typically on the go and not in your apartment as much, you’re better off getting a planner so you can easily take it with you and refer to it or update it when you’re away from home.


This spring, start adhering to these five tips; you’ll be on your way to a more organized apartment – and life – in no time!


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