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June means it’s the start of the summer – and now that you’re done with classes for the semester, it’s time to find some other activities to occupy your days – and hopefully, make you some money. Here are five great summer jobs you should consider.

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  1. Lifeguard. If you love being outside and enjoy swimming, a great summer job to look into is becoming a lifeguard! You’ll need to sign up for a course to be trained and complete your certification before you can get a job as a guard, but once you do that, you’re sure to be able to find a summer gig at a pool or camp somewhere. Plus, after the summer is over, you can continue working as a lifeguard somewhere to keep making money.
  2. Tutor. Are you really good at a certain subject? Did you ace your ACT or SAT and have the knowledge to spare? If so, you may want to be a tutor during the summer months. Advertise your expertise and experience online and at local elementary, middle, and high schools to find clients interested in hiring you to help their kids get better at a subject. What’s great about tutoring is it pays really well and you won’t have to commit to spending your whole day tutoring, so you’ll have time to hang out and enjoy your summer too.
  3. Camp Counselor. You probably went to summer camp as a kid and have fond memories of your time there. So why not help make some kids’ summers great and become a camp counselor? Depending on your schedule and what you want to commit to, you can look into day camps or overnight camps who are still hiring for the summer and apply to fill an open counselor or staff position.
  4. Waiter/Bartender. What’s great about serving as a waiter or bartender during the summer is you get to stay inside with AC. Plus, not only can you make a fair amount in tips if you’re good at your job, but you can schedule your shifts so they work for you, and possibly continue in your role throughout the school year if you want to keep working.
  5. Nanny. If you like kids, you may want to publicize your nannying/babysitting services are available for the summer. Further, if you’re interested in going into a field related to children, this can also be a good experience. Not to mention you can make a decent hourly wage being a nanny and get to spend your days hanging out and playing with kids.

If you do want to get a job for the summer, don’t wait any longer to see what opportunities are out there – start searching and applying today so you can find a summer gig and make some money!

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