How to Get to Know Your New Roommate & Break the Ice


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Living with a roommate, especially one you don’t know, can sometimes be a bit awkward at first. However, the sooner you start getting to know each other and breaking the ice, the better off your relationship will be and the smoother your cohabitation experience will be! Here are some tips on how to get to know your new roommate.

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  1. Do Something Fun. Whether it’s going out to eat, exploring your college town, or checking out some local attractions, doing something fun together will help you start to get to know your roommate and establish a relationship. Consider trying a local restaurant, playing tourist for the day, or hitting a local park as initial ways to spend some time with each other. Activities that allow you to talk to each other without any pressure, get to know the other’s interests and passions, and experience something together are the perfect foundation to build on and will have you and your roommate on the fast track to friendship in no time.
  2. Play A Game. Certain games, like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity may only work if you have more than one roommate but they are great get to know each other games that will have you laughing and quickly breaking the ice. You can always invite the students who live in the apartment next door over to play and have a game night so you can start meeting some of your neighbors as well. Other games, like Life, Monopoly, Two Truths and A Lie, Heads Up, etc., are fun with two people and will create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that will allow you to get to know your roommate and have fun at the same time.
  3. Tackle your apartment decor as the first step to getting to know your new roommate. Sit down and talk about colors, patterns, etc., and start planning what your shared areas in the apartment will look like. Once you’ve hammered out the details and thus broken the ice, you can head out to do some shopping together to pick up the items you’ll be decorating your apartment with!
  4. Attend Campus Events. During the first few weeks of the semester, colleges typically host a bunch of events geared at new and returning students. Find your school’s events online and make plans to go to some events with your roommate! You’ll have time to get to know them both before, after, and likely during the event, plus you’ll then have a shared experience you can reminisce about together.


Don’t wait to start getting to know your roommate – use these tips and ideas to start breaking the ice and turning your roommate into a friend you also live with.


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