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With Thanksgiving coming up at the end of the month, many start thinking about what they are grateful for. However, once Thanksgiving is over, it’s easy to go back to regular life and forget to be appreciative — so here are some helpful tips on how to remain grateful throughout the year.  


  • Record It. Keep a gratitude journal and write every day things that you are grateful for. Simply writing this down can have impressive and wide ranging benefits, including better sleep and overall more happiness. If you think you won’t remember to write in it every day, commit to recording what you are grateful for in the journal once a week, writing 3-5 things that you were grateful for during the week.
  • Say Thank You. Another great way to remain grateful throughout the year is to remember to say thank you. From someone holding the door open for you to receiving a gift r getting a compliment, recognize that these are things to appreciate and show your gratitude immediately by saying thank you. Not only will it become ingrained in you and help you easily practice gratitude, but it will make others feel good too.
  • Be More Mindful. When you take the time to notice little things in your life, it helps you become mindful and grateful of things that could otherwise be overlooked. Being more mindful every day will make you more grateful and give you multiple opportunities to recognize and show your appreciation.
  • Make It Routine. Make being grateful part of your daily or weekly routine. Whether it’s writing in a gratitude journal, thanking the people in your life, trying to be more mindful, etc., the more regularly you practice gratitude, the easier it will come to you. To make gratitude part of your routine, consider writing down things you are thankful for on sticky notes and placing them around a mirror or elsewhere in your apartment that you will see them often and take them to heed.

It’s great tradition to say what we are appreciative of on Thanksgiving as we literally “give thanks”.  Consider implementing these practices to remain in that mindset throughout the year.

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Posted by: kapiresidences on October 30, 2017
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