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December is here and the holidays are right around the corner! That means of course, that it’s time to start thinking about presents; and someone who should definitely be on your holiday gift list is your roommate. However, in case you’re not sure what to get them that will be affordable, here are some holiday gift ideas you can get for your roommate.

  1. Get photographic. There are lots of different ways you can incorporate photos of you and your roommate into an affordable gift. You can order a mug online using pictures of the two of you, turn a photo of you both into a magnet, or simply print a cute picture and put it in a frame and give it to your roomie. Photo gifts are great since they are personal and show you put some thought and effort into the gift; plus, they can be useful or decorative!
  2. Give the gift of time. Rather than giving a physical gift, give an experiential gift. As a holiday present for your roommate, go out to dinner together, catch a new movie in theaters, or plan a day trip somewhere. Spending time together is a great gift that will enable you both to make more great memories that you can look back on fondly.
  3. Go foodie. Who doesn’t like yummy food as a present? While it may be something that won’t last very long, giving an edible gift is both affordable and delicious. Consider gifting chocolates, candy, cookies, or some other food item you know they like and will enjoy.
  4. Buy them something cozy. There’s nothing like a warm and fuzzy piece of clothing or accessory that is both practical and soft.Blankets, slippers, robes, pajamas, fuzzy socks, or snuggies make great gifts.
  5. Deck them in college gear. You can’t really go wrong with school spirit clothing. Consider getting your roomie a college tee, sweatpants, sweatshirt, hat, etc., or perhaps a water bottle, mug, pennant, or keychain. Regardless of the budget you set for your roommate’s holiday gift, there’s sure to be some piece of college gear that fits.

No matter what you give your roommate as a holiday gift this year, the important thing is to show them an appreciation for your friendship. You and your roommate can also agree to go the non-gift-giving route and instead just do something together to celebrate; just make sure you communicate with them.

Happy Holidays!

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Posted by: kapiresidences on December 5, 2017
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