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It’s time to embrace your inner interior designer.

Your bed is your centerpiece

Kapi provides you with colorful bedding to make your room feel warm and cheerful. Add in some throw pillows or a cute plushie for extra comfort as well. You can mix and match however you like, but just make sure whatever atmosphere you’re going for is reflected in your bed. It definitely makes decorating the rest of your Kapi apartment bedroom so much easier!

The desk setup

Chances are, if you are in your room and you’re not sleeping, you’re probably studying or working at your desk. Make it easier on yourself and keep your desk organized with some nice paper trays or a quirky paperweight. Add a touch of flare to your (text)book collection with some eye-catching bookends. Put your pencils and pens in a tea tin. The sky’s the limit!

Throw a rug on it

If your Kapi apartment has hardwood floors or you just want a pop of color, get a rug. If anything, you’ll have a nice place on the floor to spread out on and your feet will thank you.

Light it up!

Add some ambiance to your personal space with some fairy lights. Get creative and arrange them into a design or some fancy word art. Illuminate your room with a nice floor or table lamp. If you want to freshen up your space, burn some scented candles (if it’s safe to). It’ll definitely make your Kapi bedroom cozier and more comfortable to study in!

White walls?

Show off your decor skills by hanging a tapestry for a splash of color! If you like word art, a motivational message on a canvas frame is a good way to go. Rep your favorite sports team by hanging up a banner of their mascot! Keep it minimalistic with some wall art or a poster in a poster frame. Put up pictures of your friends and family!. Your room will feel better if you decorate the walls, so get creative and let your imagination go wild!

Add some nature

Get a potted plant and place it by the window. It’ll bring some life into your space and brighten things up a bit. If you’re worried about killing an innocent plant, get a succulent. There are many guides online for maintaining succulents, and they’re small and low-maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about it dying if you forget to water it.


Your Kapi room will feel much more comfortable to be in if it’s clutter free. Keep your things organized in storage boxes inside your extra closets or storage rooms. Minimize fold wrinkles and invest in some hangers for your clothes. Put some order into your drawers and closet with a sectioned organizer. Everything has its place!

Shake up your space with these tips! Happy decorating!

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Written by: Jessica Tsien

Posted by: kapiresidences on January 4, 2018
Posted in: Kapi Blog