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Sadly, the break is over, and school is back in session.


School Supplies

School Supplies


If your professor tells you on day 1 on that they will not provide the class readings to you and that the class material is taken out of the required textbook, chances are that you’ll need that textbook. Textbooks are expensive, especially if they are the most recent edition of a text you’ll need for class, so spare yourself the hassle of buying a brand new $200 book and shop used (or rent). There are price matching tools online that will let you see where you can get the book you need for the least possible amount of money. And if your professor happens to let you use an earlier edition of the required text, that’s even better because previous edition texts tend to be cheaper! But of course, if you have friends who’ve taken the class before, ask them if they still have their books!



At some point in your academic career, you should invest in some storage devices. External hard drives are the way to go, but if you don’t have much to store, a USB drive works just as well. Check around Amazon or craigslist. That being said, if you need something like a new laptop or a router, you should probably look online and start comparing different brands and models. Pay attention to the specs (How much RAM? What kind of processor? Operating system?) and make sure you browse around to see what kinds of deals the retailers have at the moment.


Pens, Pencils, & Paper

Stock up on your basic school supplies (highlighters, whiteout, erasers, dry erase markers, index cards, etc). You might never know when you’ll need a pen or pencil during your class and having a piece of paper on hand to jot down information is pretty convenient. It’ll save you the trouble of making quick trips to your campus bookstore for a(n overpriced) pack of pens or notebook when you find yourself suddenly needing one. Speaking of your campus bookstore, prepare for tests by stocking up on scantrons and bluebooks! Don’t wait until the last moment to get them because it might be too late!


A Planner

If you’re planning on getting a planner, like a physical notebook to write down your schedule in, and you know that you’re not going to forget about it come March, then check out Amazon or a local stationary shop to see if they have something durable (and affordable) to last you throughout the year. For those of us who may not feel confident about such an investment, try Google Calendar. It’s customizable, shareable, and gives you a heads up on upcoming events or assignments you might have to pay attention to. Best of all, it syncs with your phone, so everything will literally be at your fingertips!



Get some snacks. Just do it. There are times where you might not feel like cooking or you have to skip out on a meal because of a busy schedule. In any case, it’s always good to have some snacks on hand.


Take a deep breath. Exhale. It’s a fresh start this quarter, so go at your own pace and figure what you need to do.  Good luck and good vibes all around!

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Written by: Jessica Tsien

Posted by: kapiresidences on January 15, 2018
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