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College is your time to prepare yourself, to build up your skill set before you get unleashed into the world to do some good. But it’s is also the time to network because you’ll never know when you need someone to look out for you and put in a good word on your behalf.


Go to class

Pay attention to the lecture. Take good notes and make sure to ask questions about things you don’t understand. Attend discussions and go to office hours whenever you can. Your professors and T.As are there to facilitate your learning experience. If they see that you are genuinely serious about pursuing a career in a certain field, they won’t hesitate to help you out when you need it. And as professionals already working in the field, they’ll be good resources for information related to your career goals. So it doesn’t hurt to maintain a good relationship with them.

The Career Center

From resume help to career workshops. Your career center is the to-go place for most of your questions on how to start your job search. They can give you great tips about the types of questions most employers ask and proper interview etiquette, and help you polish up your resume and cover letters. Drop by your school’s career center to learn more whenever you can!

Career fairs and workshop

While spot hiring is pretty rare these days, going to career fairs and workshops will give you an edge when it comes to networking. These events are usually attended by professionals and alumni who can tell you about the latest developments in a certain field or company (and review your resume while they’re at it). Don’t forget to dress up!


Even if it is just for a summer, take it seriously! Even if it isn’t what you expected or it might not end in a full-time job, take it seriously! Don’t treat your internship as a resume filler. Use the time you spend there to learn about the field and make contacts you can call on in the future. Treat your internship like the real thing and your future self will thank you!

Get Linked

Business-oriented social networking sites like LinkedIn and BranchOut are great places to make connections! All you need to do is keep your profile up to date and the site will do the rest, linking you up with professional contacts and potential employers.

Make a call/Write an email

If you need more information, get in contact with someone who can provide you with that information. Make sure to drop your name and explain the reason why you’re contacting them (to request an informational interview so you can get the inside scoop you need)! A lot of grad schools and companies that visit college campuses for workshops often leave their business cards behind with students for that exact reason.

A lot of people get a jumpstart in their career just by being connected to the right person. Don’t lose out on getting to meet someone who can help you. Do some research and ask around! Putting yourself out there may seem scary sometimes, but you can do it!

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Written by: Jessica Tsien

Posted by: kapiresidences on January 22, 2018
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