Apartment hunting can be a headache. There are so many things to consider that you might not know where to begin. To help along the process, check out these things you should be on the lookout during your housing search!


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Make Sure You Can Afford It

Make sure the place you are looking at is in your budget. You might be dazzled by the recessed lighting and huge shower, but when you’re finding yourself struggling to pay rent, you won’t be so dazzled anymore. If you’re going to be rooming with someone, make sure the apartment is in their budget range as well. You don’t want to find yourself paying their share of the rent either just to keep a roof above your head.  During college, rooming with your friends is the best option to achieve a comfortable and affordable apartment.  If your friends are not looking for housing at the same time as you, there is no problem! Housing companies like Kapi Residences make sure to find the ideal roommates for you and make your search easier.

The Commute

How far is it from school or work? How bad is the daily traffic? Is there public transport? Questions like these make or break your housing decisions. So first, you’ll want to find out about how long your commute is (from point A to point B) and how much your rent costs. Sometimes, things work out and you’ll get a situation where rent is affordable, and your place is close to your school/workplace. Other times, you’ll get situations where you must decide if you want to live in a more expensive apartment, but your commute is shorter, or in a more affordable apartment with a longer commute. These things take time to plan out. You should probably think it through before you decide.

Are Your Utilities Covered?

Check if your utilities are covered. Water, gas, power, Wi-Fi, etc. It would be a real downer to find out at the last moment that you have to readjust your budget because you must take care of your utilities yourself.  Having utilities covered is one of those small things that will take a big weight off your shoulders.

The Community

Is it a student community? Or are there a lot of families who live nearby? What about the surrounding neighborhood? A good community is something to consider when you look for housing. You might want to live around people your age or you don’t want to find yourself trying to sleep while a party rages near you. Similarly, you could do with a quiet atmosphere that family communities provide, but you don’t want to deal with the traffic in your driveway as kids leave to get to school in time.

What About the Floor Plan?

How much space do you want and you need? What about bathrooms? Make sure you look into the different floor plans available (and their cost) so that you get the best possible deal.  If you are looking for a space just for yourself, think about how much space you will need.  A single bedroom?  Double, or triple?  It’s important to think through these options to avoid future regrets.


If you need a place to park your car, you’d prefer it if you didn’t have to compete with your neighbors to find a space to park your vehicles. But you also wouldn’t like it if most of the parking spaces available were on the street or shared with a nearby establishment. So . . . just something to consider when you are looking into housing.

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Written by: Jessica Tsien


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