Let’s be real. Buying food in college costs a lot of money. If you don’t have a meal plan and/or it’s just way too much for you, get savvy with some of these tips and see how you do!


Food Pantries

Due to rising food costs, many schools have opened up food pantries in recent years to help students get the necessities they need. A lot of these food pantries are student-initiated and designed so that students in need can get access to fresh produce, canned and dried goods, bread, hygiene products, and etc. All you need is your student ID card. So if you can, check to see where your school food pantry is located on campus and drop by!

Cooking Your Own Meals



You have a beautiful and fully-equipped kitchen in your Kapi apartment, so why not put it to use? Cooking fresh food is a lot more affordable and budget-friendly than eating out or getting a school meal plan. And the best part? You get to cook whatever you want! The sky’s the limit! You can look for new recipes online to try out or you can cook your favorite eats! If you don’t have the time to cook every meal, no worries! Try prepping your food at the start of week and storing it in your freezer. You’ll be saving money, you get delicious food out of it, and you can feel good that you cooked a meal! It’s a win-win-win for you!

cooking healthy food

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Couponing and Sales

Yes, groceries are expensive, but you have to eat to survive, right? If you don’t want to break your bank every week, check out the sales at your local grocery store. It’d be even better if you had some coupons with you to get some discounts (because every cent counts) so check your mailers to see what’s on sale and what’s not before you throw them away! Also, some places do offer discounts on food if you have a valid student ID!

Make A Food Budget

If you have a problem with eating out all the time and not having enough money left over for necessities, try making a budget plan. Make sure you buy what you need first (groceries, hygiene products, gas, etc) and deposit some of the money left over into a rainy day nest egg. Of course, you should check what your local market has to offer so that you can budget accordingly. Hopefully, it will encourage you to pick up some healthier habits as well. But for the most part, a budget plan only works if you stick to it, so try your best!

It might not be much, but if you use that college student mentality, you can make anything possible.💪😂 You got this. Eat smart!

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Written by: Jessica Tsien

Posted by: kapiresidences on March 28, 2018
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