Sweaty palms? Put on some alcohol-based hand sanitizer before you walk in (to dry up those sweaty palms)! You’re gonna walk in, wow somebody, and walk out owning that interview!


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Get informed! Know what is the objective of the organization you want to work for. Try to get an idea of who their clients are and what your potential employers are expecting from you if you were to work for them. At the very least, know the names of the person responsible for hiring you so that if you have any questions (or concerns), you’re able to be proactive about your situation.


Unless you know for a fact that the person in charge of hiring said it was alright to wear t-shirt and jeans to the interview, the best piece of advice you’re going to get from anyone about what to wear to an interview is “don’t.” Do your usual self-care/hygiene routine (shave, wash/comb your hair, floss your teeth, etc). Then go to your closet and pick out your sharpest, most professional looking clothes (cut 👏 that 👏 good 👏 figure). Yes, it sucks to be in clothes that restrict so much of your mobility, but it’s such a morale booster when you walk into your interview like you have your act together.

Know your strengths

Prep for those questions! You obviously won’t get a list of question that the employer might ask you, but you can guess! Know what the employer is looking for in terms of skills and see how closely you can match what they’re looking for. Are you fluent in multiple languages? Do you have any other professional skills that may set you apart from other interviewees? Personal skills? What about personal characteristics you can bring to the table? What about your work ethic?


Smile and greet the person who is interviewing you when you walk in. Thank them for the opportunity of an interview and try to maintain eye contact when you are speaking. If you struggle with how your resting face translates in certain settings, then make it a point to remember to smile when the interviewer says something uplifting. 😂 And don’t forget to write a thank you letter/email afterwards to thank them for their consideration and how you’re waiting to hear from them soon.

Last piece of advice? If you are nervous, it’s because you really care. Take a deep breath and remind yourself of your strengths and uniqueness. You are going to do great.

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Written by: Jessica Tsien


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