What made you decide to volunteer today?

“I love animals. We want to volunteer with the community. It is important to give back to it.” – Claire (2018)

“I miss my pet.” – Momo (2018)

As many of our residents know, Kapi Residences strives to provide high quality housing for students looking for a cool, hip community to live in. We also try to give our residents the opportunity to explore and integrate themselves in their surrounding communities through local service and volunteer events. It provides a different experience to what one would experience at in a lecture hall, school event, research lab, etc. In short, volunteering in the community  offers a unique, enriching, and personal perspective outside of traditional academic settings. To quote one of the lovely residents who was willing to share her thoughts about volunteering with Kapi:

“It is important to give back to our community. There are a lot of international students here who want to explore the community they are living in. It provides a new experience for them since there are not a lot of events like these abroad.” – Claire Henry



Of course, even if you are not an international student, it’s still cool to give back to your community! A lot of the volunteer-based organizations in your communities are looking for help with their respective causes. And as always, you’ll bound to meet some really awesome people who are super enthusiastic about their work and contribute to a good cause . . . which is an experience that Kapi Residences hopes to provide for our residents.

On June 3rd, the Irvine Animal Care Center hosted their 12th annual super pet adoption event! Volunteers from Kapi pitched in at the event and helped to make it a success! While they worked hard in the background to make sure that all the vendors and pet rescue groups could strut their stuff, they also got to enjoy themselves, take pictures, and meet all the cute animals! A majority of the volunteers proudly declared their favorite animals to be dogs (what happened to the cat people? 😂) We sincerely hope they were able to meet all the different animals at the event! 🐶🐱🐘🐹🐰🐦

students playing with dogs

People of all ages turned up to for the fun, the food trucks, and the possibility of going back home with a new family member! There were so many furry, feathery, and scaly critters at the Care Center hoping to find a forever home with a loving hooman. And honestly, there were also some really cool people hyping up their animal buddies and helping them put their best paw forward. Pet rescue groups allowed attendees to get up close and personal with their animal friends in hopes of helping people foster a connection with them. There were also some cute and interesting biographies on display for attendees to read so they could get some insight into how unique and special the personality of each animal is!

This year, approximately 6,200 people visited the event to see the animals and check out the festivities on the side as well. And thanks to the 40+ animal rescue groups who helped and participated in the adoption event, more than 320 furry friends got adopted by some kind and loving hoomans! Last of all, the event raised more than $45,000 to provide healthcare support, food, and other necessities to the animals at the Irvine Animal Center! If you went to go check out the events and pets, then hooray!! I hope you had fun! If not, then there’s always next year! 😀

A big thanks to all our residents who made this PAWssible!

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