It’s hot and sunny out and a lot of people have started turning on their electronics to cope with the heat. As you know, that might not be the best thing for the environment, so maybe try to keep cool without using your gadgets. 👍


Fresh Air Ventilation

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Keep Your Place Nice And Breezy

It’s super simple! Open your window! Open all your windows! Let in that gentle breeze and have fresh air circulating through your Kapi apartment! You might not think that letting in a breeze or two will cool you down as much as turning on the A/C or pointing a fan at yourself, but try anyways. If it gets crazy hot in the afternoon and opening all your windows won’t do much, then go on ahead! Turn on your fans and A/C! But when it’s cooler, say like in the evening, you would probably appreciate a gentle breeze more than the oppressive cold of an A/C unit dialed down to 60 degrees.

Cold Air In

If you do turn on your A/C unit, make sure to have all your windows and doors shut to keep in the cold air. Otherwise, you’d just be wasting energy and pushing your A/C unit to its limits to compensate for the lack of cooling in your space.

Natural Light

Unless it’s necessary, you can choose not to turn on all your lights at night. The sun sets later in the day, so you have a good 3-4 hours to let in that natural light into your space. It might not be a lot, but it’ll make a difference in how you’re using your electricity. 👍👍

Drink Lots Of H2O

It may or may not be super hot yet, but it still warmer than what you’re probably used to. Drink more water and/or fluid! It’ll keep you hydrated and cool. And if you’re the type to get headaches because you’re dehydrated, that’s all the more reason you should drink more fluids!

Keep cool, homies! Don’t let the heat beat you! Being energy conscious is still a good way to creating good habits for yourself, so try it out!

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Written by: Jessica Tsien

Posted by: kapiresidences on July 2, 2018
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