Can’t find that one pen on your pencil case? Do you keep losing things in the trunk of your car? No worries! Put these tips to use and free up some space for yourself and your things!

Loose Change?

If it seems that you’re finding loose change everywhere in your car, bedroom, living space, etc, now is probably the time to invest in a little bank container or a small tin of mints. Place a piggy bank (tbh there’s a lot of cute money containers you can choose from) on your desk or drawer and make a habit of putting the loose change you find in them. It’ll rack up really fast! If you happen to find a lot of loose change in your car, put it in an empty mint tin and keep that stored in your storage compartment! It’ll keep your car nice and tidy and you’ll know where your loose change is when you need it!


For Your Drawers

Make life easier with a drawer organizer that keeps your socks, shirts, and etc organize. You won’t have to sift through a pile of clothes to find that one thing anymore. Just roll up your

garments and organize by color, brand, etc!


Junk In The Trunk?

If your car doesn’t have a built in trunk organizer or an storage net, that’s fine! You can get one yourself for pretty cheap and it’ll keep your stuff in one place when you come back from a heavy round of grocery shopping (or any kind of shopping really). For those of you who really don’t want to spend anything, a big ol’ box (like the kind you get from Costco) will do just fine!


For Your Shower and Bathroom

Got tons and tons of bottles and soaps cluttering your bathtub and sink? Do they leave gross residue and marks on your bathtub and sink after a while? If so, you should get a hanging shower caddy/shelf organizer for all your shampoos, conditioners, body wash, lotions and etc. Not only will it make your bathroom easier to clean, but you won’t have to deal with wrangling up your soaps and lotions anymore! Not tripping over your soaps will make your self-care routine a lot easier!

The little differences from having a tidier space will make life a bit more easier for you! But there’s nothing wrong with having a space that’s more lived in if it that’s what makes life easier! Each to their own, right?

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Written by: Jessica Tsien

Posted by: kapiresidences on August 7, 2018
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