Welcome to Kapi Residences! We’re here to help make sure that your move-in goes smoothly so you get to settling down in your new apartment as soon as possible!


Kapi Residences Move In

Step 1: Taking Care of Logistics

There’s some business you gotta take care of before we can hand you the keys to your apartment, but don’t worry, it’ll be pretty quick! We just need to do it to make sure we can take care of you and make sure that there won’t be any problems with your move-in. First, notify the Kapi Community Housing Office of the date and time that you are planning to move in so that there will be someone there to greet you and give you your keys and a tour of your new place! If you could give a heads up to the office about 10-20 minutes before you arrive at Kapi, that will be greatly appreciated, so please make sure to give us a call when you’re close! Last, but not least, make sure you completed your payments before moving in so there won’t be any complications!

Step 2: Meet and Greet!

When you arrive, be on the lookout for someone wearing a Kapi T-shirt! They’ll be the ones who will help you with moving in, so say hello! We won’t bite! Also, don’t forget to take a look at your welcome package! It’s got tons of helpful information about Kapi, your community, and neighborhood!

Step 3: Be our guest!

After all that is taken care of, we’ll show you around to your apartment and to your bedroom! If you have any questions about your apartment, it would be a really good time to ask while we’re giving you the grand tour (though if you have any other questions, we’re always just a phone call away). We’ll also give you a tour around the community so you can check out the amenities like the gym, pool, and study rooms you’ll have access to. Don’t be shy and let us know if you need some help with your luggage too! We’ll be happy to lend a hand and help you move in!

Step 4: Home Sweet Home!

When you’re finished with moving in, don’t forget to pop by and say hello to your roommates! Introduce yourself and do some roommate bonding once you’re finished unpacking!

Don’t forget! If you need help with anything, just come down to the community housing office or give us a call at (949) 336-3537! We’re always happy to lend a helping hand, so don’t be a stranger!

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Written by: Jessica Tsien

Posted by: kapiresidences on August 15, 2018
Posted in: Kapi Blog