It’s almost time to head back to school. Much sadness. Such tired. Just Kidding! It’s time to put on our learning hats and get that education! Are you ready?! Let’s make this year the best ever!


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Get Your Desk In Order

It’s a good time to take advantage of the back to school sales that are happening right now. Things like notebooks and pencils  to laptop computers and external hard drives are usually marked down for the influx of students going back to school. If you need something that’s usually pricy or you just want to stock up on stationary, now would probably be a good time to go out there and get what you need.



If you remember which classes you’re taking in the fall, look them up and see which books your professors are requiring for their classes. You don’t need to buy them yet, but it would be a good idea to see if you can find any used or affordable rentals and bookmark the links ahead of time. Of course, if a kind soul posted the pdfs online, go ahead and bookmark them. When your first day starts, you’ll feel good knowing that you already prepared ahead for your classes.


Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

No lie, but showing up in a new outfit on the first day is a mood. Sure, maybe no one else can tell you’re sporting some new kicks or a cute new top (unless you tell them or scream it from the rooftops), but you’ll have that satisfaction of knowing how fresh you look on your first day of school. So treat yourself a little and get that new thing for yourself. And if you have any old clothes (maybe they don’t fit you or they’re just a little outdated), donate them!


Organize Your Music

This might not seem related to school, but make some playlists for yourself if you’re the type to jam out during the day! Need some music for when you’re on that study grind? Make a lofi or instrumental playlist for yourself to get you through some trying time! Late night food run? Stuck in traffic? Or when you want some background music while you’re walking through campus? There’s a playlist out there for that!


Fix your sleeping schedule

Year after year, students always complain of the lag they feel when they’re suddenly forced to switch back to their academic routine. No one is having a good time when they’re suddenly shutting down at 1 PM during a lecture because they stayed up too late on IG or playing MMOs with friends. If you can, try to sleep an hour earlier or just at a reasonable time. It might cramp on your style a bit, but at least you’ll won’t feel as tired as your fellow peers on your first day. 😂


You don’t have to do everything at once! Plan things out one step at a time. But don’t worry too much! Just go at your own pace and do your own thing!

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Written by: Jessica Tsien

Posted by: kapiresidences on August 29, 2018
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