Important Tips & Guide to a Fun, Safe Halloween!

👻 Stay Safe & Spooky! 👻


Halloween is almost upon us! But before you head out to get your tricks and treats, check out some of these safety tips so you know how to stay safe and sane on Halloween night! 🎃


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Follow the Rules

Don’t do stuff you’ll regret the next day! Have a good time, but don’t do anything that might land you in a hospital or holding cell. Respect the rules of the establishment you’re in (campus, someone’s apartment, etc), get turnt, and stay safe!


It’s dark and spooky out there! And walking out in sky high heels or full-on face masks will definitely impair your ability to move and see. If you have a costume that may cause some problems later on because it affects your mobility or visibility, maybe consider making some alterations so you won’t have to deal with annoying costume problems down the line. But if you think that your costume is too 🔥 to quit, bring something else you can change into (like flats or a change of clothing). Take a breather too! You don’t want to be wearing a bulky mask, wig, etc for a whole night!

Drink Responsibly ☠️

You don’t gotta drink to have a good time, but if you are planning to, make sure you know your limits! You don’t want to throw up on your costume or wake up with bad hangover, right? And you already should know this, but don’t drink and drive! Take a lyft or uber, or better yet, have a designated driver who is able to look after you if you do drink! Better safe than sorry!

The Buddy System 🧛

You can’t go to a good party without a good friend! Have someone keep tabs on you and keep an eye out for your friends because that’s what good friends do! It’s a spooky night on Halloween, so at least make sure you have someone who you can walk back with after the fun’s over (if you have to walk to get home). Stay on well-lit paths! And don’t hesitate to reach out to the campus security for a ride if you need it!

For Emergencies Only! 🚨

This is a given, but make sure your phone is charged and your ringer is on max volume before you head out. You wouldn’t want your phone to die on you on the spookiest night of the year! If you’re going out to somewhere that you’re not familiar with, give a heads up to a friend! If you get into any trouble and you need assistance, that person will know where you are and will be able contact for help! Also! This is important! Keep some emergency money at your side in case you need an Uber or Lyft home! Or you might need it for something else!

Get ready for some of that good ol’ fashioned Halloween mischief! 🕷️🕸️👻 Stay safe out there and make sure that you and your friends stay safe out there on your Halloween adventure!

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