Are you feeling adventurous and in the mood to indulge your taste buds? Looking for somewhere new to grab a bite at? Well, if you’re reading this, then we got you covered! Maybe the next time you’re in the mood to eat out, you could give one of these a try and see how you like them? If all goes well, you might be coming back for some more!

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La Michoacana (Tustin, CA)

If you have never heard about La Michoacana before, it is a Mexican ice cream and dessert parlor that has everything to satisfy your sweet tooth! To start, they have many ice cream flavors (try 20+) on their menu, ranging from the normal go-to chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, etc to more traditional flavors like Chamoy and Arroz con Leche. They also have fruit sorbets and paletas (ice cream and fruit bars) if you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing. And not to mention, they have a selection of aguas fresca for you to enjoy (made with real fruit and ingredients) that will definitely have you coming back for another cup! If you are in the mood to snack, why not try their elote (mexican street corn) or bionicos (fruit salad with crema, coconut, and granola) or indulge in some old-fashioned nachos or hot cheetos with cheese? The drive to La Michoacana may be a bit on the far-side, but you will definitely not regret making the trip!

OMOMO Tea Shoppe (Irvine, CA)

If you’re a fan of boba, then you probably already have one or two go-to boba shops to get your boba fix. But if you are in the mood to try a new option, then you should head down to OMOMO. The hype is very real. OMOMO Tea Shoppe has many drink options, so even if you’re not a tea person, they have coffee and espresso. If you’re not a fan of milk tea, they have brewed teas and fruit teas. If you are lactose intolerant or vegan, no worries. OMOMO has a variety of alternatives for you to try out, ranging from almond milk in place of regular milk, agar boba and aloe in place of honey boba, etc. You can customize the sweetness and ice levels in your drink to however you like it, which is always a plus! Just beware of the line because by the time you are reading this, there are a lot of other people who have caught on to the OMOMO hype.

Mokkoji Shabu Shabu Bar (Irvine, CA)

Since it’s been kind of chilly out, nothing warms you up better than some hot pot in your belly! That’s why you should go on down to Mokkoji Shabu Shabu Bar with a few of your close buds and pals for some good and wholesome food! It’s definitely a bit upscale for hotpot, so if you’re planning a celebration for someone or you’re just in the mood for a fancy feast, you should go. And if you’re still reading at this point, but have no idea what hotpot is, it’s a giant soup pot you can fill with noodles, meat, and veggies (just veggies too if you’re vegetarian/vegan). You sit around the pot, wait for the soup to cook everything in the pot, and then you can eat it all!  (TBH tho: if you’re just in the mood for some casual hot pot, Boiling Point (Irvine, CA) is also really good)

Burntzilla (Irvine, CA)

In the mood for some comfort food? Well, if you are, you’ll find it on the menu at Burntzilla. Burntzilla prides itself on putting some really creative and modern twists on your classic comfort foods. This place is really chill (zero fuss) and pretty easy on the wallet, so you can just grab a few friends and head on over for some burgers, hot dogs, and fries. Try out their sides and grab a soda, sweet tea, or lemonade! Let’s go!!!

HiroNori Craft Ramen (Irvine, CA)

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of options for ramen in Irvine besides the usual go-tos like Yushoken Izakaya & Ramen (Irvine, CA) and the Ajisen Ramen (Irvine, CA). You might have had to drive further down if you wanted something fancier like Shin-Sen-Gumi (Irvine, CA), but no more! There’s really cozy ramen place close by and it’s really good! Customize your ramen to however you like it or order one of their hefty rice bowls and just dig in! With their rich broth, chewy noodles, and cooked to perfection sides, you’ll walk out of HiroNori with a pep in your step and your stomach filled.

There are some really good places to get food at in Irvine, but you just have to look a little harder and be in the mood to try something new if you want to discover what’s next on the menu! Obviously, there are other really tasty food joints too, so don’t just limit yourself to what is on this list! Go ask a friend and see what are their favorite places to hit up!

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