It’s never too late to start planning where you want to go after the quarter is over! Whether you’re jet-setting across the ocean to see the sights or just chilling in your neighborhood, there’s much to do out there!

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Make Sure You Prepare Early

Thinking of flying out of state? Make sure you buy your tickets early and have an up-to-date passport. You don’t want to have your plans ruined when you find out your passport needs to be renewed. Also make sure you plan out your trip (budget, scheduling, where to go, where to stay) thoroughly because you don’t want any unexpected trouble to ruin what is suppose to be a relaxing get-away!

Invite Some Friends

Going on trips alone can get lonely (unless you prefer a solo experience). If you and some like-minded friends are looking to make some fun spring break memories, you should team-up together and plan the best trip ever!

Travel Method

Are you staying in the country? Going to the east coast or out of the country? (if, so taking a plane would probably be your best bet) But for those of you with more humble spring break plans, why not take a road trip? It doesn’t have be somewhere super far, you could do a one-tank road trip down the coast or take a train to your spring break destination. Of course, if you just want to get to it, taking a continental flight will get you to where you need to go pretty fast!

Staying Local?

There’s much to do around town! If you live in SoCal, you could hit the theme parks (especially now, when it’s chilly out and there’s less people lining up) or explore the sights in landmark cities like Los Angeles, Venice Beach, and Huntington Beach. Los Angeles is pretty much a wonderland for foodies, so if you’re looking to try some new eats, you should definitely head down there to check out the tons of cafes, restaurants, novelty dessert parlors, etc. If you’re looking for a more novel experience, look around to see if there are any special events happening near you! You might find something really unique to do!

Go Big or Go Home!

Looking to go on a once in a lifetime adventure? Well, you gotta follow what your heart tells you and just go for it! Book that plane ticket and make sure the world is ready for you because you’re gonna be there!

While Spring Break is still a whiles away, there’s no harm in taking a break and planning out what you want to do! You got time to make Spring Break 2k19 into something memorable!

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