You worked hard all quarter. You’ve finished the projects.  And you’re gonna C R U S H this test! 💪

End of quarter exams

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Quality > Quantity

You could study for 18 hours a day straight and still not learn anything if your study technique is questionable. When you are on that grind, make sure you have a schedule to follow so that you have enough time to study for all your classes. If your professor explicitly said that something will be on the final, you should triple check to make sure you have that concept mastered. Make a quizlet to quiz yourself and look up some practices questions to make sure you can apply what you learned to different types of scenarios. Don’t study for hours at a time. Take a break to eat and refresh yourself. Process what you studied so it sticks!


Eat, Sleep, and Shower (self-care)

Just because it’s finals week doesn’t mean you should let yourself fall to pieces. Yes, part of finals week is wearing sweats everywhere and not brushing your hair when you wake up – but you should still eat, sleep, and shower like normal. Think of it this way: when you show up to take your final, you want to be well-rested and full of energy (and not look like Smeagol after centuries of solitude 😂), right? So make sure you’re eating, sleeping, and practicing your normal hygiene routine like usual! If you’re worried it might cut into your study time, treat your self-care routine as your break!


Recipes For People Who Ain’t Got Time For That ⏲️


  • Nutella & Co. French Toast Sticks:
    • Get some bread (any bread)
    • Spread Nutella on both sides
    • Put some banana and/or strawberry slices on too
    • Close that bad boi up
    • Pull up a recipe for regular french toast (stir up some egg & cinnamon mix, dip your Nutella sandwich in there, cook it on a pan till golden brown)
    • Cut it up into sticks & bon appetit 😀


  • Grilled Ham & Cheese
    • Get some bread (any bread)
    • Slap on cheese and ham on that bread
    • Close it up
    • Microwave for 30 seconds
    • Put some butter on a pan
    • Cook your sandwich on a pan until it’s golden brown
    • Eat a fruit after to make it healthy 👍


  • Fish Stick Tacos
    • Microwave about 8 fish sticks in the microwave for 1-1.5 minutes (throw them in a pan and cook them for about 1.5 minutes if you want some crispy fish sticks)
    • Cook 8 small corn tortillas in a pan (2-4 at a time for 1 minute)
    • Plate your tortillas (double those tortillas up) and put two fish sticks per taco
    • Add shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onions, and cilantro
    • Top with sour cream and lemon juice
    • Eat a fruit after to make it healthy 👍


How To Take Breaks

If you just want to take a 10-minute breather and don’t want it to spiral into a YouTube rabbit hole that ends with a 1-hour vine compilation, set an alarm. Make sure you keep track of your time. If you’re going on YouTube during your 10-minute break, find a 10-minute long vine compilation. If you want to take an hour-long nap, set an alarm, or have someone wake you up in an hour if you don’t trust yourself. Decide for yourself how long you want your break to last, but just make sure you have some way to keep yourself on track so you don’t end up procrastinating for longer than you can afford to manage. 


How Not To Panic (Before, During, And After Your Final)

If you have test-taking anxiety, it’s OK. You’re not alone in this. Before you walk into that lecture hall for your exam, do your best to study. If you’ve made your best attempt to know your stuff before walking in, you’ll be much more confident about the test than if you walked in blind. You can minimize test-taking anxiety by being extra-prepared. 

During the exam, if you come across a puzzling question, don’t sweat it. Answer the easy questions first to build some confidence. Jot down any formulas on the side so you don’t have to keep recalling them during the exam. Now you’ve made more room in your mind for memory recall! When you go back to those hard problems, take it one step at a time. Take a deep breath and underline the main parts of the question. Cross out any obviously wrong answers if possible (the process of elimination from elementary school!) Check your answer when you’re done and move on (if you linger, you’ll start doubting). Come back to that problem when you’re double-checking all of your answers together before submitting the test. 


After you turn in your exam, take a sigh of relief and affirm yourself. Say something like, “I did it. I tried my best. I deserve some rest.” 💪 Get yourself that emotional support folod: boba/Starbucks/good eats.

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