Are you looking for the best deal for your textbooks? Do you want to eat out, but the menu prices are $$$? Is your laptop on its last leg and you need a new one fast? Want a streaming subscription, but it’s looking like you can’t afford the monthly payments? If you’re in the market for student discounts and exclusive deals, check out these tips below and save yourself some extra $$$ and enjoy the perks of being a student!

Top 10 Companies For Student Deals

    • Amazon: Amazon Student Prime with two-day shipping for 6 months w/valid .edu school address. You’ll get all the benefits of Amazon Prime (Amazon Video, Music, etc) free for six months! Afterwards, if you want to keep it, you’ll get a discounted rate for four years or until you graduate!
    • Spotify: Spotify Premium + Hulu + Showtime for $4.99 per month (only for students)
    • Microsoft Office: All your MS needs (office, excel, presentation, etc) for free w/valid .edu school address.
    • Adobe: Adobe Creative Cloud (Photography -> light room + photoshop) for 9.99$ per months, Adobe Creative Cloud (Single App -> Photoshop OR Illustrator OR Adobe XD + 100 GB storage) for 19.99$ per month. You must have a valid .edu school address.
    • Amtrak: Book your trip 3 days in advance + valid student ID = 15% off travel cost to go wherever you need to be!
    • Krispy Kreme: Register your student status here ( and save 20% your entire Krispy Kreme order.
    • Best Buy: Sign up for a Best Buy account and get exclusive student offers/pricing on laptops, phones, tech accessories, etc. You must have a valid .edu school address
    • Apple: Student discounts on select Apple and Mac devices (laptops, iPads, etc). Discounted rate for Apple Music ($4.99) for students and faculty.
    • Regal Cinemas: Check your local Regal cinema theatres for student discount days (bring student ID) for $6 movie ticket Tuesdays
    • Unidays: Make an account and verify your student status to access the tons of discounts from companies that partner with Unidays (GrubHub, Samsung, Adidas, Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and more)

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Textbooks and School Materials

Textbooks are expensive. So are laptops, external hard drives, tablets, and etc. But you probably need these if you’re planning to get those good grades this quarter. You could price check every retailer (IRL and online) for what you’re looking for, but that process can be exhausting and you obviously want to save time and energy. For textbooks, make your campus bookstore your last resort. Start by checking if there is an online PDF you can use. If you can’t find the newest edition, ask your professor if you can use the previous edition! If there is no online PDF, use your campus connections (check your school online textbook marketplace)! Someone out there wants to sell their textbook to you and what they’ll charge will still be a lot less than what the bookstore charges. If that doesn’t work out, rent! Online retailers (Chegg, Amazon) will often rent out textbooks to use, so you don’t have to buy the whole textbook for one short course!

For technology, stuff can get pretty tricky. If you’re willing to spend $1000+ for that new piece of equipment, good for you! But for others who are either looking to build their custom machine or just need a replacement model, price checking is a good way to get an idea of what your cost range is going to be. Check the stats of your current machine (RAM, storage, processor, dimensions) and match prices for similar models. Recent older models are often good replacement options, but if you want to splurge on that better display or bigger screen, make sure that it’s in your budget. If you shop online, you’ll find that there are more deals and options that you can take advantage of, so you can chillax about this computer upgrade. 

Wardrobe and Appliances

Need to update your wardrobe a bit? It’s April right now and a lot of clothing retailers are trying to move their winter inventory, so if you are looking to add some new digs to your closet, you should go shopping now! Check out online stores to take advantage of online deals and promo codes! If you’re needing a new toaster, make sure you price-match the model to save as much as you can.


If you get coupons in the mail, use them if and when you want to eat out! These coupons usually include ‘buy one get one free’ deals, ‘buy one get one half off’ deals, and discounts on specialty orders. You’ll find that some of your favorite restaurants (Blaze, Chipotle, Corner Bakery, Carl’s Jr., etc) have some really good coupon deals that you should take advantage of. But if you’re not planning to hit up any of those places, don’t worry. If your restaurant is on Yelp, be on the look-out for any check-in deals they might have. You’ll probably get an extra something for free with your purchase just for checking in on social media. 

Saving money when you can is always important. Make sure that when you are making a purchase that the thing you are buying is something you can use every day and will last! Invest in quality, take advantage of the perks of being a student, and always check for coupons first. Now you have a head-start on saving money as a student! 💪💪

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