Maybe you didn’t have enough time to do anything with project deadlines and finals coming up. Or you just don’t know what to do. Well, here are some quick last minute tips to dress it up before your big day!

Grad Cap

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Be Careful

Your grad cap is basically a piece of cardboard wrapped in polyester. If you paint it, the paint might sink in and warp your cap. Too much hot glue may cause noticeable dents on the surface (or warp your cap) 😔. If you’re planning to go all out, make sure you protect the structure of your cap . Invest in a glitter sticker sheet or some thick cardstock to glue onto your cap. Use painter’s tape to protect any borders or edges if you decide to use paint. If you’re writing a message, use foam letter stickers for cleaner results!


Do You Have A Message? 📜

Everyone has words of wisdom. Some people want to pay tribute to their heritage. Someone else may want to show off their interests, majors, membership in a school organization in their grad cap design. A lot of other people choose to thank their parents and supporters who got them to where they are today. And if there’s nothing much to say, you could get a laugh or two by putting a graduation-themed meme on your cap. But don’t worry too much about what people may think. It’s your cap! You choose to decorate it the way you want!



What is your aesthetic? Are you a minimalist? Perhaps you like florals💐? Think about what you are going to wear on your graduation day and try to match that. This blog post can’t really help you with a specific design because everyone reading it is different and likes different things. But if you need to get your creative juices flowing, a good place to start looking for inspiration for how to structure your design on your cap is on websites like Pinterest, Etsy, and (if you are truly desperate) Google Image search. Go to your local arts and crafts store and see what kinds of materials are available for you to use. The cap is your canvas 🖼️ and you are the artist 🎨🖌️!


Congratulations, Class of 2019! You did it! 🎉🎊🎉

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