Dorming can be an exciting experience during your time in college, but packing and setting up your dorm can be stressful. Maybe you just want to bring what you already have and throw it all in there. Or maybe, you want your dorm to be a fresh new start where you can make a space your own. Check out the dorm checklist we’ve made to help you better prepare for the dorm life! P.S…. Most of the items listed are already included in every Kapi apartment. 

Dorm Room

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Sleep In Style

Most dorms come with a Twin XL mattress, so if you don’t have bedding that fits, you’ll have to think about buying your own. Check out your local Ross or Marshalls, they have affordable bedding sets with unique designs. You can also find pillows, blankets, and anything you need to decorate your dorm. If you’re stuck on decoration ideas, Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration and find the perfect style for you. A tip when it comes to hanging things on your wall, try buying command strips. You can choose where to place the strips and they’re hassle-free to install. 


Keep It Organized!

Having an organized room keeps the mind at bay, so when thinking about what to bring to a dorm make sure you’re thinking about storage pieces. Clear plastic bins can be placed under your bed and are great for storing basically anything. Hanging organizers creates a lot of space in the closet, not to mention it makes cleaning your room a lot easier. Think about getting a small cabinet to place under your mini fridge, it’s a great place to store snack or utensils.  IKEA has really affordable desk organizers, whether you need it for your school supplies or personal belongings. 

Electronics/Set Up

Definitely bring a power strip. Dorms rooms don’t really have a lot of outlets, so bringing a power strip means you can charge your phone, laptop, speakers, without the hassle of trying to look for an outlet in your room! If you suffer from allergies, it doesn’t hurt to get yourself a diffuser to help filter out the air. Besides a laptop, it might be helpful to get a tablet and stylus. Taking notes becomes a lot easier with a tablet, and you don’t need to organize a ton of paper. 


Clean Up

Make sure you get cleaning products for your room. A duster, disinfecting wipes, and disinfecting spray are necessary to keep your room clean, and avoid getting sick. If you do however get sick, think about making yourself a medicine basket. Fill it up with cough drops, Benadryl, Tylenol, different teas, ointments, etc. It will definitely help getting through sick days at college. 


Best of luck this new semester!

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