Highly Recommend It


japan-flag13I have stayed at Kapi Residences-Student Housing company since October till December 2016. I loved the service and staff. I highly recommend it to all UCI Extension Students

Hiroki Tanaka / UCI Extension Student


LOVE LOVE LOVE Kapi Residences

captureMy name is Linqi and I am a freshman student in UCI. I have stayed at Kapi Residences for Fall Semester and I loved it. Great customer service. Friendly environment at residences. My roommates were great and fun. Professional staff and housekeeping crew made our lives so much easier. LOVE LOVE LOVE Kapi Residences.

Great Experience with Kapi Residences

brazilI am a student from Brazil and my name is Raul. I have stayed with Kapi for 3 months and I loved these residences and their services. Thanks to Kapi for making my stay enjoyable