What to Know About Co-working Before You Graduate

Photo Credit: pixabay.com

Photo Credit: pixabay.com

Walk into any coworking space and the first thing you’ll hear is busy professionals at work: networking, brainstorming, bouncing off of others their fresh ideas to come to fruition. You’ll smell fresh coffee and see people walk by into elevators and offices. It’s a dynamic space and you might feel intimidated by just being there because at first glance there’s so much going on around you. But to everyone else in the office, this is the norm for any standard coworking space.

But what is so important about coworking (and co-living)? These are fast-growing industries that cater to a fast-growing young entrepreneurial population. You might see examples of coworking and co-living in places like the UCI Cove or the Irvine Spectrum Center; examples of industrial ecosystems operated by a like-minded community of passionate thinkers and doers. The flexibility offered by coworking and co-living encourages individuals to engage in an enhanced work culture and lifestyle, and is bound to open up new opportunities thanks to daily connections that are made within these network-building environments.

So what are coworking spaces? To put in layman’s terms, a coworking space is basically a shared office workspace. You’ll find amenities like a stocked pantry, kitchen, private conference rooms, and more, but you won’t see a cubicle office anywhere. Coworking spaces often resemble an executive suite and are home to free-lancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs looking for a positive workspace.

Why co-working spaces? Why not work from home or at Starbucks? For starters, it’s just not as fun. Working from home or independently can seem like a task. In contrast, working in an open, shared space adds human interaction to your daily tasks, and allows you to explore changes in scenery throughout your co-working building.  For freelancers, start-ups, or small business owners, renting a whole private office space might be out of the budget.  So naturally, renting a shared office space that is just the right size and fits your budget is your next move. Payment options are flexible and floor plans vary depending on what the office needs! Isn’t that cool?

As a parallel growing industry, let’s take a look at co-living now. It’s pretty simple. It’s basically a private space (bedrooms and bathrooms) with shared communal areas like a kitchen, living room, dining areas, gyms, and more. You might find that these living arrangements are more common now, especially amongst people of a younger age group, because of its convenience and affordability. Co-living infrastructures are designed for community living and are often found in urban settings (close to work offices). Residents often share the rent and utility fees, as well as any chores for maintaining the upkeep of their living spaces.

The rise of a young working population and their increasing tendency to move to metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Irvine, or San Diego to look for job opportunities after college has increased the popularity of coworking and co-living spaces now more than ever. Keep an eye out for internship opportunities with these types of shared setups… You’ll likely end up working in one someday! 


School Is Important, But So Are You!

A lot of people are either gearing up for their midterms or winding down from their last midterm of the quarter. But still, don’t stress yourself out too much! If you need some reminders to take better care of yourself, look no further!

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It’s “normal” to skimp on meals when you’re living that #collegelyfe, but that doesn’t mean you should. If you’re going to school for 4-6 hours a day, studying for 5-8 hours at night, you need food. If you can’t spare the time to cook for the day, no worries! That’s what drive-thrus are for! But if you’re money-conscious (good for you!), there’s nothing wrong with instant ramen once in a while. Just add an egg for some extra nutrients and you’re set! And if you can’t do even that, make sure you just have something to snack on. And water. That way, at least you have something in your belly and you’re staying hydrated!


The research studies say we need about 8 hours of sleep each night, but most of us here are cutting an average of 5 hours and making up the rest with the daily coffee, tea, energy drink, etc. It’s hard maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, but it will definitely beat the feeling of your soul slipping in and out of your body during an afternoon lecture. Let’s not #astralproject during the day! So, if 8 hours of sleep is impossible because you have too much to do, just make a good start by going to bed every night at the same time. Whatever you have to do (unless deadlines are extremely close) can wait until tomorrow.


Doing nothing is doing something. You’re allowing yourself to rest and take a break from the anxieties of life. Even if you’re just sitting on the couch and staring into the void, that’s good enough. Put on a face mask or something and chill with a few episodes of your favorite netflix show (set an alarm or episode limit to avoid binging.) Play a few rounds of LOL or Smash with your friends! Whatever you decide to do, just relax and enjoy the feeling of being you.


Besides school, work, and sleep, what else do you need to do? Do you need to shop for groceries?  Is your gas tank due for a refilling? When was the last time you cleaned your room? If you’re not feeling like you’re being productive, that’s fine. Everyone falls into a lull when they’re trying to focus. It’s not that you’re lazy or dumb or anything like that (No! Not in a million years, fam!). You just need a break to step back from what you’re doing and process the information! Do something different for an hour or so! It doesn’t have to be a super intense cleaning session or a 2-hour meal prep. Just do something else for yourself!

Good luck on your exams! You’ll do great! You got this!

Valentine’s Day 2k19

Have you shot your shot at your special someone yet? No? Are you planning to shoot your shot this Valentine’s Day? Or are you just looking for ideas to surprise your special someone with?

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Surprise Date

Want to spice up your routine nights out? Need some ideas on what to do or where to go? Well, that’s kinda up to what you think you and your special someone would enjoy. If you’re down for something on the more casual side of things, a nice dinner at a sit-down restaurant followed by a movie is a classic date staple. You could also give fun, no-fuss places like bowling alleys and arcades a try (bring other people to ease the pressure if you like). However, if your plans are a little more complex and you want to end the night with a IG post declaring your love, you should probably look into places like (Naples, Long Beach), (Disneyland and/or Knotts), (Crystal Cove), etc. You know? Add some pretty scenery to your special night out!

Gifts They Can Wear

Jewelry gifts are real nice. If you’re thinking about stuff like couple’s necklaces and bracelets, or even a promise ring, you’re on the right track. No need to give you any advice on that one. But if you’re new to this, you should probably wait on giving them some serious bling. Instead, why not get a couple’s outfit? It doesn’t have to be a full outfit, but just something functional with a touch of you to remind your special someone of you when they are wearing your gift, like matching hoodies or bomber jackets! And if you’re not into matching, just make sure your gift is warm, stylish, and comfy!!!

Gifts They Can’t Wear

“It’s the thought that counts.” Yeah, the thought of the gift counts, but that doesn’t mean you should just get your special someone whatever. A gift of chocolates, candy, and desserts is always a go-to classic, especially if they have a sweet tooth! (Flowers are also a nice touch!) However, you could also go with something fun and quirky, something that makes them go 😮! This could be like a cuddle kit, fun-smelling candles, coffee mugs with cheesy slogans, or even a soft and squishy stuffed animal! These types of gifts usually involve some personal touches, so add a personal message or a flourish to it that will scream “ME + U”!

Appreciate What You Have Together

If you’re nervous about shooting your shot, don’t worry. Take it easy. These things take time and you probably should think about how you want to approach your special someone if you want to take your relationship to the next level. Even then, just appreciate their presence in your life and let them know how much you appreciate their friendship! Celebrate each other and be there to hype each other up when they need it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Neat Eats! (Irvine Edition) 🍽️ 😋

Are you feeling adventurous and in the mood to indulge your taste buds? Looking for somewhere new to grab a bite at? Well, if you’re reading this, then we got you covered! Maybe the next time you’re in the mood to eat out, you could give one of these a try and see how you like them? If all goes well, you might be coming back for some more!

Photo Credit: pixabay.com

La Michoacana (Tustin, CA)

If you have never heard about La Michoacana before, it is a Mexican ice cream and dessert parlor that has everything to satisfy your sweet tooth! To start, they have many ice cream flavors (try 20+) on their menu, ranging from the normal go-to chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, etc to more traditional flavors like Chamoy and Arroz con Leche. They also have fruit sorbets and paletas (ice cream and fruit bars) if you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing. And not to mention, they have a selection of aguas fresca for you to enjoy (made with real fruit and ingredients) that will definitely have you coming back for another cup! If you are in the mood to snack, why not try their elote (mexican street corn) or bionicos (fruit salad with crema, coconut, and granola) or indulge in some old-fashioned nachos or hot cheetos with cheese? The drive to La Michoacana may be a bit on the far-side, but you will definitely not regret making the trip!

OMOMO Tea Shoppe (Irvine, CA)

If you’re a fan of boba, then you probably already have one or two go-to boba shops to get your boba fix. But if you are in the mood to try a new option, then you should head down to OMOMO. The hype is very real. OMOMO Tea Shoppe has many drink options, so even if you’re not a tea person, they have coffee and espresso. If you’re not a fan of milk tea, they have brewed teas and fruit teas. If you are lactose intolerant or vegan, no worries. OMOMO has a variety of alternatives for you to try out, ranging from almond milk in place of regular milk, agar boba and aloe in place of honey boba, etc. You can customize the sweetness and ice levels in your drink to however you like it, which is always a plus! Just beware of the line because by the time you are reading this, there are a lot of other people who have caught on to the OMOMO hype.

Mokkoji Shabu Shabu Bar (Irvine, CA)

Since it’s been kind of chilly out, nothing warms you up better than some hot pot in your belly! That’s why you should go on down to Mokkoji Shabu Shabu Bar with a few of your close buds and pals for some good and wholesome food! It’s definitely a bit upscale for hotpot, so if you’re planning a celebration for someone or you’re just in the mood for a fancy feast, you should go. And if you’re still reading at this point, but have no idea what hotpot is, it’s a giant soup pot you can fill with noodles, meat, and veggies (just veggies too if you’re vegetarian/vegan). You sit around the pot, wait for the soup to cook everything in the pot, and then you can eat it all!  (TBH tho: if you’re just in the mood for some casual hot pot, Boiling Point (Irvine, CA) is also really good)

Burntzilla (Irvine, CA)

In the mood for some comfort food? Well, if you are, you’ll find it on the menu at Burntzilla. Burntzilla prides itself on putting some really creative and modern twists on your classic comfort foods. This place is really chill (zero fuss) and pretty easy on the wallet, so you can just grab a few friends and head on over for some burgers, hot dogs, and fries. Try out their sides and grab a soda, sweet tea, or lemonade! Let’s go!!!

HiroNori Craft Ramen (Irvine, CA)

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of options for ramen in Irvine besides the usual go-tos like Yushoken Izakaya & Ramen (Irvine, CA) and the Ajisen Ramen (Irvine, CA). You might have had to drive further down if you wanted something fancier like Shin-Sen-Gumi (Irvine, CA), but no more! There’s really cozy ramen place close by and it’s really good! Customize your ramen to however you like it or order one of their hefty rice bowls and just dig in! With their rich broth, chewy noodles, and cooked to perfection sides, you’ll walk out of HiroNori with a pep in your step and your stomach filled.

There are some really good places to get food at in Irvine, but you just have to look a little harder and be in the mood to try something new if you want to discover what’s next on the menu! Obviously, there are other really tasty food joints too, so don’t just limit yourself to what is on this list! Go ask a friend and see what are their favorite places to hit up!

2018 Holiday Gift Trends

Are you stressing out on what to get for the people on your nice list this season? Shopping for holidays can be rough, so if you need a couple of gift ideas, we got you!

Photo Credit: pixabay.com


Novelty Gifts 😀

Novelty gifts are kind of tricky. As a student, you probably feel that the kinds of gifts you and other like you would enjoy are cool and unique, but still functional within the context of your daily lives. It doesn’t to be the type of gift to scream the name of the gift recipient, but it should still try to match their aesthetic. For novelty gift ideas, maybe consider a set of pretty wall lights or a small desk lamp. Mugs with quirky designs that are stuffed with candies is also a good idea! If you have someone your life who’s always on the go, perhaps they’d appreciate a phone case with a built-in charger or a utility keychain. Or for the gift that keeps giving, you could invest in a game-set (cards against humanity, Exploding Kittens) and have some fun times with all your friends!

Technology 🎧

Do you know someone who would appreciate some extra tech in your life, but you don’t know what to get for them? For music lovers, a set of noise-cancelling headphones or a portable speaker would be a perfect gift! If your friend likes to listen to music in peace, get the headphones (it’s also good for when the neighbors are loud). If they like to turn it up, they’d probably appreciate the speaker more! For your gamer peeps, they’re probably kinda picky about the gear they use (brand, specs, design, etc), so unless you know what’s on their wishlist, you’re good with a Steam gift card or any currency card for online app and game sites. If you’re not really sure how to pick out a tech gift, just ask yourself “is the quality worth the cost” and “is there really a need for this item” and you should be fine.

Beauty and Self-Care 👄

This holiday, treat your friend to some quality self-care items! Face masks, lotions, scented candles, and extra blankets will always be appreciated! So if you do decide to put together a self-care kit, don’t forget to include some snacks! Makeup is always a little iffy, especially if you don’t know what your friend uses or prefers. You’re better off gifting a cute nail polish set or a nice-smelling perfume than to spend $$ at a Sephora on a makeup palette that your friend might not use. And let’s not forget about the guys! And before you go off about how difficult it is to shop for a good cologne, you should probably check out some hair and/or beard grooming sets and see what fits them the best. Don’t forget to throw in some face masks too because everyone deserves soft and dewy skin!

Clothes 👕

If you know someone who wants to stay extra cozy this winter, send a pair of warm pajamas and some fuzzy socks their way! Not gonna lie, but sometimes the best gift is the one you can use to brave those 50°F mornings in good ol’ Cali. You don’t really need to spend $$ on the latest designer brands (unless you are planning to, then maybe get them a gift card to their favorite shop if you’re stressing about what to get). Of course, if you see something good that would make a good gift, snap it up!!!

Remember that no matter what happens, it’s the thought that counts in the end! Just being with your friends and family is a gift in itself, so cherish the memories you’ll make this holiday (and don’t forget to treat yoself when you can because you deserve it too!) Happy Holidays!

It’s Time to See California!

This is for the out-of-state people, the international kids, and the people who don’t know what’s out there/nearby in the Golden State! Forget about tourist traps like Disneyland for a minute and check out what’s to do in sunny California!


Los Angeles
The City of Angels. There’s so much to do, so much to see, and so much to eat! Downtown LA is the place to be if you want to immerse yourself in the arts. With museums such as LACMA, MOCA, The Broad, the Getty, the Hammer, and more, you’ll be busy trying to soak it all in! If you spread out a little further from Downtown, there’s the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Griffith Observatory, and the Rose Bowl. And if you get hungry, there’s so much food to try and choose from that you’ll wish you had a second stomach! But if you want some places to start from, why not try the historic Grand Central Market? Want to eat by someplace with a view? Well, you can’t go wrong with the restaurant lineup at the Santa Monica Pier or at Venice! And if that won’t work for you, just remember that Yelp is at your fingertips!

Orange County
Alright, so this is where Disneyland is, but you can bet that the happiest place on earth is also the place with the longest lines on earth. If everyone’s got a fast pass, then nobody’s got a fast pass. That being said, did you know that there’s a second theme park in Orange County? Knott’s Berry Farm’s got it all! Roller coasters, fun rides, great food, and only just a 30 minute drive by the 5 Freeway! If theme parks aren’t your game, then how about getting tickets to a concert at the Staples Stadium or to a baseball game at Angels Stadium? You also got beaches at Newport Beach (Corona Del Mar, Balboa Pier) and Huntington Beach! There’s also a ton of shopping malls, outlets, thrift shops, and cool boutique stores to check out if you’re feeling the urge to splurge! Treat yo’ self!

San Diego
If you don’t live in San Diego, the first things you might think of are SeaWorld and the Aquarium of the Pacific. But let’s be real, you’re not going to want to go to either of those places (and if you are, maybe reconsider). If you were going there for an aquarium though, try Turtle Reef (see the sea turtles), Aquaria, and Shark Encounter! But if you were looking for a more quiet place to spend the day, check out Balboa Park! It’s 1,200 acres of museums, parks, and gardens! You got science, art, and cultural museums to choose from, a wide open space to just chill and take selfies at, and lush gardens to walk through and smell the flowers. In the mood for something spicy? Check out the Gaslamp Quarter! It’s a downtown neighborhood of young people, just like you, with bars, clubs and, lounges for that fun night out with friends (if you were looking for that). Feeling beachy? No worries, La Jolla is there for the surf and fun, and for a chill night at a bonfire with friends!

If you’re into historical sites and venues, then Riverside’s the place for you! Ever had brunch at the Mission Inn Hotel? Because their pancakes are to die for. They also have the Mission Inn Museum in the hotel that you can check out! And if you’re in the mood for a good hike, head to the parks at Riverside such as Mount Rubidoux and Box Springs Mountain Reserve Park, and get that fresh air and exercise! If you’re feeling hungry, use Yelp and check out some of the hidden gems in Riverside’s restaurant lineup. There’s KBBQ, boba, gyros, fried chicken, ice cream, sushi, and so much more! Your inner food will thank you for making the trip!

Bay Area
People from the Bay Area often say that they have the best food, and when that many people say the exact same thing, you can’t help but wonder if it’s true. For those of us who think that the Bay Area is just San Francisco, y’all missing out. The Bay Area encompasses not just San Francisco, but Napa, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, and etc. While this means that explaining the depth of the Bay Area in just a paragraph is not possible, that doesn’t mean we can’t try Y’all ever watch a Giants baseball game at the AT&T Park or embrace your inner foodie at the Soma SteEat Food Park in San Fran? How about taking a gondola cruise on Lake Merritt in Oakland? Or checking out the very cool Winchester Mystery House in San Jose or hiking at the Tilden Regional Park in Berkley? And of course, don’t forget about the famous wine tours in Napa! The point is that there’s so much to see and do up in the Bay Area, so you might want to plan accordingly if you’re planning to take a trip there!

Are You Ready For Black Friday?   


The deals! The discounts! The satisfaction of buying a really expensive item for a steal! Yes, Black Friday is almost upon us! So here’s some tips for you to make sure you’ll be shopping savvy this year!

 roommates having fun

Photo Credits: Pixabay.comPhoto Credit: pixabay.com


Prioritize Needs

If something you need (like a new toaster or hard drive) is on sale during Black Friday, don’t put off getting it until it’s convenient for you. Chances are that you’ll be left with slim pickings after everyone else bought their fill. That is, you’ll probably be left with the stuff people didn’t want to buy (maybe for good reason) and you might have to wait until the next big sell to get what you were looking for. (」´ ロ`)」


Know Where to Get What

Don’t go to Walmart. Big superstores with a large inventory on sale attract large crowds. Large crowds you have to get in line earlier, stay in line longer, and parking might be kind of non-existent. But if you need something from Walmart and they have the best deal on the item you want, good luck. Or do some research on that item and see what other retailers have. See if you can get a better model at a better price!


Shop Online (⌐★ᴥ★)

If you don’t want to brave the crowds or the lines, shop online! Online retailers will be participating in Black Friday sales too, so if you browse around, you might find what you’re looking for without having to leave the comfort of your home! Also, if you have promo codes, use them. You could probably shave off a few more dollars and get some free gifts when you check out!


Use CaSh Money

Try not to use your cards if you can help it. Leave them at home if you can. If you want to be money-smart this Black Friday, set a budget and know what you’re going to buy and how much it costs. Use cash to pay for your purchases because it’ll help you keep track of how much you spend than if you relied on your cards. Plus, some of are in the habit of treating electronic payment as “imaginary money” until they check their bank accounts. Just pay in cash. You can’t overspend if you only have so much money on hand.


Return Policies (˘ᵕ˘)

Sometimes, the things we buy turn out to be not so great. And we obviously don’t want it to sit in our closet forever and collect dust, so the next best thing to do is return it and get store credit or cash. But to do that, you usually need the receipt from when you first made the purchase to be able to return the item. So keep your receipts. And try to return the item as soon as possible. Some retailers have a 30 day return policy and after that, it’s yours to keep forever. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。


Last tip: shop with friends and/or family! It’ll make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable than just you shopping alone!

4 Issues to Cover in Your Roommate Agreement

This article is brought to you by Kapi Residences, a premier student housing provider in California who is committed to offering fully furnished luxury apartments and amenities at affordable prices. To learn more about why Kapi Residences is the right housing option for you, click here.

When you move in with a new roommate, you want the experience to go well and for there to not be any problems. That’s why sitting down and writing a roommate agreement together right when you move in is such a good idea — it’ll help you avoid some of the difficulties that may otherwise arise. Here are # issues you should be sure to cover in your roommate agreement.

Photo Credit: Unsplash.com

  1. Cleanliness. A big issue you will want to address in your roommate agreement is cleanliness. It can be awkward asking your roommate to clean up a mess they made in a common area or do to do the dirty dishes they’ve left in the sink for two days — even if you’re friends and you ask them nicely! To avoid that situation, decide on some rules you can both live with when it comes to keeping your apartment clean. You may want to set up a chore chart that outlines whose turn it is to do what around your home, like vacuuming, dusting, etc. Further, decide in your roommate agreement how you will handle a situation where the other person hasn’t done their chore or isn’t adhering to your cleanliness rules so you don’t have to worry about a messy confrontation.
  2. Quiet Hours. Even though you don’t live in a dorm, instilling some quiet hours may be beneficial for you and your roommate. Unless you are living alone, noisiness can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to study or concentrate. During quiet hours, things like having music or the TV on loudly should be avoided. Decide on quiet hours with your roommate for weeknights and a later time on weekends to ensure you both will be able to focus on your schoolwork without having to ask the other person to keep it down.
  3. Shared Items. When you live with a roommate or two, you usually end up sharing certain items — things like milk, cleaning supplies, a TV, and more. In your roommate agreement, cover which things specifically you’ll be sharing and how you’ll split those costs. Additionally, you’ll want to touch on which items are hand-off or “ask first” so there’s no confusion in the future about which things you keep to yourself and which you share or are equally responsible for.
  4. Guest Policy. Both you and your roommate should have equal say in your apartment and that applies to having people over. It’s not fair for one of you to constantly have friends at your apartment and use the common areas all the time. Establish some basic rules about how many guests a person is allowed to have over at once, how far in advance they should tell the other person if possible, and an overnight guest policy.


Start your roommate living off right and break the ice by working together to write a roommate agreement covering the above issues that will benefit both of you and make your apartment a peaceful and clean place to be!


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6 Things To Do This Summer


This article is brought to you by Kapi Residences, a premier student housing provider in California who is committed to offering fully furnished luxury apartments and amenities at affordable prices. To learn more about why Kapi Residences is the right housing option for you, 

Summer is officially here, which means it’s the perfect time to do all the things we couldn’t or didn’t have time to do during the rest of the year. From being outside to swimming and other activities, here are six things you should do this summer.


Photo Credit: Pixabay

  1. Hit the Water. If you don’t live close to a beach or lake (and don’t have the time or ability to get to one), you can always hit the nearest pool. When the weather’s hot, there’s nothing like jumping into some cooler water and enjoying yourself. If you’re not a big swimmer, you can lay out by the pool and nap or read, and if you do go to a beach or lake, you can see if there’s some kind of boating available.
  2. Get Into Nature. Even if you don’t consider yourself an outdoorsy person, you’ve simply got to get outside this summer. If you want to be more active, you can take a walk around the block, go for a hike, or ride your bicycle. When you’re having lunch or dinner, bring your food outdoors and sit outside while you eat to soak up some rays and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.
  3. Read a Book for Fun. You probably read a lot for school, but when was the last time you read a book for fun? Summer is the time to catch up on your pleasure reading — you can read novels that have come out recently that you didn’t have time to read during the year or look up which books are this summer’s hot beach reads.
  4. Go to a Festival. Lots of festivals take place over the summer, from food to art to music. While music festivals will cost money and require tickets, most food and art festivals are free unless you want to buy something. Going to a festival will get you outside and walking around and you can just window shop if you don’t want to spend anything.
  5. Treat Yourself. While you may be living on a budget, try to indulge yourself in some way this summer and treat yourself to something. It could be a vacation, a day or road trip, an item of clothing, a dinner out, etc. You’re on break, the weather’s great, and you deserve to do something nice for yourself!
  6. Catch a Movie. Summer is when big blockbusters typically come out, with large film releases starting in May and continuing through the beginning of September — which means you should get to the movies! “Finding Dory,” the long-awaited sequel to “Finding Nemo,” just came out so you can still catch it in theaters for the next few weeks. Plus, other huge movies are coming out in July and August, including the “Ghostbusters” remake, Matt Damon’s “Jason Bourne,” Marvel’s “Suicide Squad,” and “Star Trek Beyond.” Besides being a fun and entertaining outing, movie theaters typically boast some pretty good air conditioning.

Whatever you do, take some time this summer to have fun and give yourself a break — school will be back in session soon enough!

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