A good living environment is key to academic and personal success. Kapi Residences offer fully-furnished off-campus apartments for students in close proximity to major universities and colleges in California. Our housing is geared towards all types of students, including undergraduates, visiting scholars, interns, older students with families, and international students. We offer a full-range of student-housing services, a top-of-the line resident management portal, cleaning services, bike rentals, social events and community advisors. We are happy that thousands of student have found a second home in California with Kapi Residences, let us share with you how:

Fully-furnished apartments with amenities
We strive to create a beautiful and ideal living environment to call home. All our apartments are fully-furnished and equipped with high quality items. Not only will you have basic furniture, such as couches, refrigerator, dining table, and TV, you will also have a kitchen equipped with all the utensils needed for your day-to-day cooking. In addition, your room will have everything you need: a bed, desk, nightstand, laundry bag, hangers, lamps, and bed sheets. All of our apartment complexes have community pools and fitness rooms to enable a healthy and active lifestyle.

Individual leases
Our leases let you rent your space, giving you the option to choose a single, double or triple, without being responsible for your roommates. Conventional leases hold all the tenants liable for damages, late payments or early terminations. With Kapi you avoid this stress.

Covered utilities
We offer a turnkey solution! One payment covers everything you need and more – gas, electricity, trash, and water. Our apartments include high-speed internet with Wi-Fi as well as flatscreen TV with Apple TV and complementary Netflix.

House-cleaning services and replenishment of items in selected regions
We want your apartment to be welcoming and clean! Our monthly cleaning service gives your home a thorough cleaning. Not only do we make your place shine, while we are at it we also replenish your basic items like trash bags, all as a part of the Kapi experience!

Friendly Staff
Our professional staff makes their best efforts to meet your needs throughout your stay at Kapi apartments. If you need help getting settled, finding a certain shop, or just need some advice, our team strives to go above and beyond to solve your questions and make your time with us meaningful, productive and happy.

24 hour emergency maintenance
If any maintenance needs arise during your stay, we ensure that our staff is available 24-hours to address any urgent maintenance requests.


A memorable experience
From the moment you set foot in your the apartment, you will feel at ease in your new home and ready to explore the area. Depending upon your living arrangement, you will meet and get to know people from all over the country and world. We organize frequent social events to keep you engaged in the community and give you a much needed break to have fun with other residents.