Dorm Checklist: Packing Guide

Dorming can be an exciting experience during your time in college, but packing and setting up your dorm can be stressful. Maybe you just want to bring what you already have and throw it all in there. Or maybe, you want your dorm to be a fresh new start where you can make a space your own. Check out the dorm checklist we’ve made to help you better prepare for the dorm life! P.S…. Most of the items listed are already included in every Kapi apartment. 

Dorm Room

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Sleep In Style

Most dorms come with a Twin XL mattress, so if you don’t have bedding that fits, you’ll have to think about buying your own. Check out your local Ross or Marshalls, they have affordable bedding sets with unique designs. You can also find pillows, blankets, and anything you need to decorate your dorm. If you’re stuck on decoration ideas, Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration and find the perfect style for you. A tip when it comes to hanging things on your wall, try buying command strips. You can choose where to place the strips and they’re hassle-free to install. 


Keep It Organized!

Having an organized room keeps the mind at bay, so when thinking about what to bring to a dorm make sure you’re thinking about storage pieces. Clear plastic bins can be placed under your bed and are great for storing basically anything. Hanging organizers creates a lot of space in the closet, not to mention it makes cleaning your room a lot easier. Think about getting a small cabinet to place under your mini fridge, it’s a great place to store snack or utensils.  IKEA has really affordable desk organizers, whether you need it for your school supplies or personal belongings. 

Electronics/Set Up

Definitely bring a power strip. Dorms rooms don’t really have a lot of outlets, so bringing a power strip means you can charge your phone, laptop, speakers, without the hassle of trying to look for an outlet in your room! If you suffer from allergies, it doesn’t hurt to get yourself a diffuser to help filter out the air. Besides a laptop, it might be helpful to get a tablet and stylus. Taking notes becomes a lot easier with a tablet, and you don’t need to organize a ton of paper. 


Clean Up

Make sure you get cleaning products for your room. A duster, disinfecting wipes, and disinfecting spray are necessary to keep your room clean, and avoid getting sick. If you do however get sick, think about making yourself a medicine basket. Fill it up with cough drops, Benadryl, Tylenol, different teas, ointments, etc. It will definitely help getting through sick days at college. 


Best of luck this new semester!

Last Minute How-to: Decorating Your Grad Cap ✨🎓✨

Maybe you didn’t have enough time to do anything with project deadlines and finals coming up. Or you just don’t know what to do. Well, here are some quick last minute tips to dress it up before your big day!

Grad Cap

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Be Careful

Your grad cap is basically a piece of cardboard wrapped in polyester. If you paint it, the paint might sink in and warp your cap. Too much hot glue may cause noticeable dents on the surface (or warp your cap) 😔. If you’re planning to go all out, make sure you protect the structure of your cap . Invest in a glitter sticker sheet or some thick cardstock to glue onto your cap. Use painter’s tape to protect any borders or edges if you decide to use paint. If you’re writing a message, use foam letter stickers for cleaner results!


Do You Have A Message? 📜

Everyone has words of wisdom. Some people want to pay tribute to their heritage. Someone else may want to show off their interests, majors, membership in a school organization in their grad cap design. A lot of other people choose to thank their parents and supporters who got them to where they are today. And if there’s nothing much to say, you could get a laugh or two by putting a graduation-themed meme on your cap. But don’t worry too much about what people may think. It’s your cap! You choose to decorate it the way you want!



What is your aesthetic? Are you a minimalist? Perhaps you like florals💐? Think about what you are going to wear on your graduation day and try to match that. This blog post can’t really help you with a specific design because everyone reading it is different and likes different things. But if you need to get your creative juices flowing, a good place to start looking for inspiration for how to structure your design on your cap is on websites like Pinterest, Etsy, and (if you are truly desperate) Google Image search. Go to your local arts and crafts store and see what kinds of materials are available for you to use. The cap is your canvas 🖼️ and you are the artist 🎨🖌️!


Congratulations, Class of 2019! You did it! 🎉🎊🎉

Internship Interview Attire: What You Need to Know

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Not sure what to wear to make a good impression in your first interview? Or maybe you just need to update your wardrobe because it’s been a while? Well, hopefully these tips can give you some direction about what you want to do about your interview look!

For the Gentlemen

For guys, a button-down shirt, blazer or suit jacket, and ironed trousers are the go-to. The color of your jacket and trousers should match, and be within the color range of black, blue, or gray. Avoid checkered or striped statement suits if possible (save those for a fun dinner party)! If you don’t have a suit jacket or blazer, a nice cardigan will work just fine. If you want to add some personal touches to your outfit, you could start with a colored or gingham button-down shirt. Just make sure that the color you pick isn’t super flashy and won’t clash with the rest of your outfit. You can accessorize with a colored or patterned tie/bow tie. For those of you who don’t know how to tie a tie, this would be a good opportunity to learn from someone who knows how or to learn how to do a fancy knot by practicing with a Youtube tutorial! Do not wear sneakers to an interview. It doesn’t matter if you have an all-black pair of chucks or vans, just don’t. Imagine that you’re putting all your effort into looking hella fresh for that interview you’re going to nail and then ruining it with a pair of your ratty sneakers. Invest in a pair of dress shoes you can wear for any occasion instead.

For the Ladies

Business suit or dress? What about a nice pencil skirt? Well, for starters, ladies have a lot more wiggle-room when shopping for their interview look. You can stick with the standard monochrome (black and white) color scheme, or play with pastels. Colors like maroon, baby-blue, and khaki could work if you find a cute (but appropriate dress or blouse). Of course, navy-blues and grays would work as well. If you wish to wear an outer layer, a blazer/suit jacket or a cardigan sweater would do the trick. Just make sure it’s not too flashy or too excessive (with the lace, frills, etc). If you are wearing a dress or skirt, make sure that it is not too short. You have every right to wear what you want, but an interview is one of those times where you want to convey to your potential employer that you are professional and serious about wanting the position you applied for. If you can’t help that your skirt or dress is on the shorter side, wear a pair of tights or pantyhose underneath. For footwear, try not to wear stilettos or platforms. They’ll look pretty but if you know you’ll be doing any kind of physical activity or just standing for long periods of time, wear flats or boot heels. Match your shoes with your interview outfit and you have a complete outfit!


If you are a student, the goal is to not look like you stayed up all night cramming or playing games. Wash your hair. Shave if you need to. If you feel like going the extra mile and styling your hair, good for you! Keep your hair out of your face so you can make that assertive eye contact with your potential employer! For personal care (guys), put on some lotion for some extra smooth skin (especially if you just shaved) or some chapstick for your chapped lips. For ladies, go all out with the makeup if you want! (Just abstain from glittery or overly-dramatic looks. Save those smokey eyes for a fun party). If you’re not familiar with makeup, there’s nothing wrong with just applying a bit of concealer, color on your cheeks, and some lipstick. Of course, there’s always YouTube if you need it!

Last Minute Tips

If you’re the type to get sweaty hands during an interview, apply some hand sanitizer beforehand. The alcohol will evaporate and so will the sweat on your clammy hands. Stand up straight. Shoulders back. Make eye contact when you greet your interviewer. Avoid a limp or overly-strong grip when you shake their hand (there’s a fine line between those two that you must find). There’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to think about your answers to questions. It’s better to show you take your time with decisions rather than stuttering and trailing off when you are supposed to be showing them how qualified and confident you are. 

So that’s it! Now you know how to look and act in an interview. Take a deep breath. Count to 10. Think through your answers. The rest is up to fate! 

Your Guide to Student Discounts Everywhere

Are you looking for the best deal for your textbooks? Do you want to eat out, but the menu prices are $$$? Is your laptop on its last leg and you need a new one fast? Want a streaming subscription, but it’s looking like you can’t afford the monthly payments? If you’re in the market for student discounts and exclusive deals, check out these tips below and save yourself some extra $$$ and enjoy the perks of being a student!

Top 10 Companies For Student Deals

    • Amazon: Amazon Student Prime with two-day shipping for 6 months w/valid .edu school address. You’ll get all the benefits of Amazon Prime (Amazon Video, Music, etc) free for six months! Afterwards, if you want to keep it, you’ll get a discounted rate for four years or until you graduate!
    • Spotify: Spotify Premium + Hulu + Showtime for $4.99 per month (only for students)
    • Microsoft Office: All your MS needs (office, excel, presentation, etc) for free w/valid .edu school address.
    • Adobe: Adobe Creative Cloud (Photography -> light room + photoshop) for 9.99$ per months, Adobe Creative Cloud (Single App -> Photoshop OR Illustrator OR Adobe XD + 100 GB storage) for 19.99$ per month. You must have a valid .edu school address.
    • Amtrak: Book your trip 3 days in advance + valid student ID = 15% off travel cost to go wherever you need to be!
    • Krispy Kreme: Register your student status here ( and save 20% your entire Krispy Kreme order.
    • Best Buy: Sign up for a Best Buy account and get exclusive student offers/pricing on laptops, phones, tech accessories, etc. You must have a valid .edu school address
    • Apple: Student discounts on select Apple and Mac devices (laptops, iPads, etc). Discounted rate for Apple Music ($4.99) for students and faculty.
    • Regal Cinemas: Check your local Regal cinema theatres for student discount days (bring student ID) for $6 movie ticket Tuesdays
    • Unidays: Make an account and verify your student status to access the tons of discounts from companies that partner with Unidays (GrubHub, Samsung, Adidas, Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and more)

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Textbooks and School Materials

Textbooks are expensive. So are laptops, external hard drives, tablets, and etc. But you probably need these if you’re planning to get those good grades this quarter. You could price check every retailer (IRL and online) for what you’re looking for, but that process can be exhausting and you obviously want to save time and energy. For textbooks, make your campus bookstore your last resort. Start by checking if there is an online PDF you can use. If you can’t find the newest edition, ask your professor if you can use the previous edition! If there is no online PDF, use your campus connections (check your school online textbook marketplace)! Someone out there wants to sell their textbook to you and what they’ll charge will still be a lot less than what the bookstore charges. If that doesn’t work out, rent! Online retailers (Chegg, Amazon) will often rent out textbooks to use, so you don’t have to buy the whole textbook for one short course!

For technology, stuff can get pretty tricky. If you’re willing to spend $1000+ for that new piece of equipment, good for you! But for others who are either looking to build their custom machine or just need a replacement model, price checking is a good way to get an idea of what your cost range is going to be. Check the stats of your current machine (RAM, storage, processor, dimensions) and match prices for similar models. Recent older models are often good replacement options, but if you want to splurge on that better display or bigger screen, make sure that it’s in your budget. If you shop online, you’ll find that there are more deals and options that you can take advantage of, so you can chillax about this computer upgrade. 

Wardrobe and Appliances

Need to update your wardrobe a bit? It’s April right now and a lot of clothing retailers are trying to move their winter inventory, so if you are looking to add some new digs to your closet, you should go shopping now! Check out online stores to take advantage of online deals and promo codes! If you’re needing a new toaster, make sure you price-match the model to save as much as you can.


If you get coupons in the mail, use them if and when you want to eat out! These coupons usually include ‘buy one get one free’ deals, ‘buy one get one half off’ deals, and discounts on specialty orders. You’ll find that some of your favorite restaurants (Blaze, Chipotle, Corner Bakery, Carl’s Jr., etc) have some really good coupon deals that you should take advantage of. But if you’re not planning to hit up any of those places, don’t worry. If your restaurant is on Yelp, be on the look-out for any check-in deals they might have. You’ll probably get an extra something for free with your purchase just for checking in on social media. 

Saving money when you can is always important. Make sure that when you are making a purchase that the thing you are buying is something you can use every day and will last! Invest in quality, take advantage of the perks of being a student, and always check for coupons first. Now you have a head-start on saving money as a student! 💪💪

How to Survive Finals

You worked hard all quarter. You’ve finished the projects.  And you’re gonna C R U S H this test! 💪

End of quarter exams

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Quality > Quantity

You could study for 18 hours a day straight and still not learn anything if your study technique is questionable. When you are on that grind, make sure you have a schedule to follow so that you have enough time to study for all your classes. If your professor explicitly said that something will be on the final, you should triple check to make sure you have that concept mastered. Make a quizlet to quiz yourself and look up some practices questions to make sure you can apply what you learned to different types of scenarios. Don’t study for hours at a time. Take a break to eat and refresh yourself. Process what you studied so it sticks!


Eat, Sleep, and Shower (self-care)

Just because it’s finals week doesn’t mean you should let yourself fall to pieces. Yes, part of finals week is wearing sweats everywhere and not brushing your hair when you wake up – but you should still eat, sleep, and shower like normal. Think of it this way: when you show up to take your final, you want to be well-rested and full of energy (and not look like Smeagol after centuries of solitude 😂), right? So make sure you’re eating, sleeping, and practicing your normal hygiene routine like usual! If you’re worried it might cut into your study time, treat your self-care routine as your break!


Recipes For People Who Ain’t Got Time For That ⏲️


  • Nutella & Co. French Toast Sticks:
    • Get some bread (any bread)
    • Spread Nutella on both sides
    • Put some banana and/or strawberry slices on too
    • Close that bad boi up
    • Pull up a recipe for regular french toast (stir up some egg & cinnamon mix, dip your Nutella sandwich in there, cook it on a pan till golden brown)
    • Cut it up into sticks & bon appetit 😀


  • Grilled Ham & Cheese
    • Get some bread (any bread)
    • Slap on cheese and ham on that bread
    • Close it up
    • Microwave for 30 seconds
    • Put some butter on a pan
    • Cook your sandwich on a pan until it’s golden brown
    • Eat a fruit after to make it healthy 👍


  • Fish Stick Tacos
    • Microwave about 8 fish sticks in the microwave for 1-1.5 minutes (throw them in a pan and cook them for about 1.5 minutes if you want some crispy fish sticks)
    • Cook 8 small corn tortillas in a pan (2-4 at a time for 1 minute)
    • Plate your tortillas (double those tortillas up) and put two fish sticks per taco
    • Add shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, onions, and cilantro
    • Top with sour cream and lemon juice
    • Eat a fruit after to make it healthy 👍


How To Take Breaks

If you just want to take a 10-minute breather and don’t want it to spiral into a YouTube rabbit hole that ends with a 1-hour vine compilation, set an alarm. Make sure you keep track of your time. If you’re going on YouTube during your 10-minute break, find a 10-minute long vine compilation. If you want to take an hour-long nap, set an alarm, or have someone wake you up in an hour if you don’t trust yourself. Decide for yourself how long you want your break to last, but just make sure you have some way to keep yourself on track so you don’t end up procrastinating for longer than you can afford to manage. 


How Not To Panic (Before, During, And After Your Final)

If you have test-taking anxiety, it’s OK. You’re not alone in this. Before you walk into that lecture hall for your exam, do your best to study. If you’ve made your best attempt to know your stuff before walking in, you’ll be much more confident about the test than if you walked in blind. You can minimize test-taking anxiety by being extra-prepared. 

During the exam, if you come across a puzzling question, don’t sweat it. Answer the easy questions first to build some confidence. Jot down any formulas on the side so you don’t have to keep recalling them during the exam. Now you’ve made more room in your mind for memory recall! When you go back to those hard problems, take it one step at a time. Take a deep breath and underline the main parts of the question. Cross out any obviously wrong answers if possible (the process of elimination from elementary school!) Check your answer when you’re done and move on (if you linger, you’ll start doubting). Come back to that problem when you’re double-checking all of your answers together before submitting the test. 


After you turn in your exam, take a sigh of relief and affirm yourself. Say something like, “I did it. I tried my best. I deserve some rest.” 💪 Get yourself that emotional support folod: boba/Starbucks/good eats.

What to Know About Co-working Before You Graduate

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Walk into any coworking space and the first thing you’ll hear is busy professionals at work: networking, brainstorming, bouncing off of others their fresh ideas to come to fruition. You’ll smell fresh coffee and see people walk by into elevators and offices. It’s a dynamic space and you might feel intimidated by just being there because at first glance there’s so much going on around you. But to everyone else in the office, this is the norm for any standard coworking space.

But what is so important about coworking (and co-living)? These are fast-growing industries that cater to a fast-growing young entrepreneurial population. You might see examples of coworking and co-living in places like the UCI Cove or the Irvine Spectrum Center; examples of industrial ecosystems operated by a like-minded community of passionate thinkers and doers. The flexibility offered by coworking and co-living encourages individuals to engage in an enhanced work culture and lifestyle, and is bound to open up new opportunities thanks to daily connections that are made within these network-building environments.

So what are coworking spaces? To put in layman’s terms, a coworking space is basically a shared office workspace. You’ll find amenities like a stocked pantry, kitchen, private conference rooms, and more, but you won’t see a cubicle office anywhere. Coworking spaces often resemble an executive suite and are home to free-lancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs looking for a positive workspace.

Why co-working spaces? Why not work from home or at Starbucks? For starters, it’s just not as fun. Working from home or independently can seem like a task. In contrast, working in an open, shared space adds human interaction to your daily tasks, and allows you to explore changes in scenery throughout your co-working building.  For freelancers, start-ups, or small business owners, renting a whole private office space might be out of the budget.  So naturally, renting a shared office space that is just the right size and fits your budget is your next move. Payment options are flexible and floor plans vary depending on what the office needs! Isn’t that cool?

As a parallel growing industry, let’s take a look at co-living now. It’s pretty simple. It’s basically a private space (bedrooms and bathrooms) with shared communal areas like a kitchen, living room, dining areas, gyms, and more. You might find that these living arrangements are more common now, especially amongst people of a younger age group, because of its convenience and affordability. Co-living infrastructures are designed for community living and are often found in urban settings (close to work offices). Residents often share the rent and utility fees, as well as any chores for maintaining the upkeep of their living spaces.

The rise of a young working population and their increasing tendency to move to metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Irvine, or San Diego to look for job opportunities after college has increased the popularity of coworking and co-living spaces now more than ever. Keep an eye out for internship opportunities with these types of shared setups… You’ll likely end up working in one someday! 


Hotspots in Burbank

Looking to spend a day out in the beautiful city of Burbank? Or just looking for a place to grab some eats? Well, we got you!

Porto’s Bakery

This authentic Cuban bakery is the best if you are looking for delicious coffees, teas, pastries, cakes, and bread! Everything is freshly baked/made on site and with their extensive menus of baked goods, sandwiches, and hot plates, you’ll definitely find something you’ll love! Just be ready for the long queue because this is a pretty popular place to grab food at. But don’t worry, the lines move fast and the customer service is out of this world! Come down soon and try a bite! You’ll be coming back for more!


This place looks fancy, but don’t worry, it won’t break your budget! With a fresh and modern atmosphere, extensive menus so you can indulge in brunch, lunch, dinner, etc, you’ll be coming back every week to try everything! Check if yelp has any freebies before you go because you might want some free dessert with your entree! Grab some friends and head on down for some good eats and a good time!

Cafe De Olla

You might not think much of this little cafe at first, but you’ll find that they are all about pulling out the stops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! With hearty entrees, decadent desserts and drinks that will make you melt (and won’t break the bank), you’ll leave with a pep in your step (if you’re not already in a food coma 😂)! So if you’re in the area, check it out! Maybe take a peep at the yelp to see what catches your eye (since this review doesn’t do the cafe justice) before you walk in because it’ll make choosing just one entree easier for you! 😂😂

The Ugly Mug Coffee House

Where would you go to get that perfect cup of coffee in the morning? Starbucks? Naw, try something new for a change! This super cute coffee shop is sure to be your new coffee and tea go-to. Try one of their espresso drinks to get that extra push you need to start your morning! If you need a pick-me-up, give one of their specialty drinks a try (psst . . . the Raspberry Mocha is 👌)! And don’t worry if you’re more of a tea person because the Ugly Mug also has blended loose leaf tea for you to enjoy! Don’t forget to grab a pastry on your way out!

Spring Break!!


It’s never too late to start planning where you want to go after the quarter is over! Whether you’re jet-setting across the ocean to see the sights or just chilling in your neighborhood, there’s much to do out there!

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Make Sure You Prepare Early

Thinking of flying out of state? Make sure you buy your tickets early and have an up-to-date passport. You don’t want to have your plans ruined when you find out your passport needs to be renewed. Also make sure you plan out your trip (budget, scheduling, where to go, where to stay) thoroughly because you don’t want any unexpected trouble to ruin what is suppose to be a relaxing get-away!

Invite Some Friends

Going on trips alone can get lonely (unless you prefer a solo experience). If you and some like-minded friends are looking to make some fun spring break memories, you should team-up together and plan the best trip ever!

Travel Method

Are you staying in the country? Going to the east coast or out of the country? (if, so taking a plane would probably be your best bet) But for those of you with more humble spring break plans, why not take a road trip? It doesn’t have be somewhere super far, you could do a one-tank road trip down the coast or take a train to your spring break destination. Of course, if you just want to get to it, taking a continental flight will get you to where you need to go pretty fast!

Staying Local?

There’s much to do around town! If you live in SoCal, you could hit the theme parks (especially now, when it’s chilly out and there’s less people lining up) or explore the sights in landmark cities like Los Angeles, Venice Beach, and Huntington Beach. Los Angeles is pretty much a wonderland for foodies, so if you’re looking to try some new eats, you should definitely head down there to check out the tons of cafes, restaurants, novelty dessert parlors, etc. If you’re looking for a more novel experience, look around to see if there are any special events happening near you! You might find something really unique to do!

Go Big or Go Home!

Looking to go on a once in a lifetime adventure? Well, you gotta follow what your heart tells you and just go for it! Book that plane ticket and make sure the world is ready for you because you’re gonna be there!

While Spring Break is still a whiles away, there’s no harm in taking a break and planning out what you want to do! You got time to make Spring Break 2k19 into something memorable!

School Is Important, But So Are You!

A lot of people are either gearing up for their midterms or winding down from their last midterm of the quarter. But still, don’t stress yourself out too much! If you need some reminders to take better care of yourself, look no further!

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It’s “normal” to skimp on meals when you’re living that #collegelyfe, but that doesn’t mean you should. If you’re going to school for 4-6 hours a day, studying for 5-8 hours at night, you need food. If you can’t spare the time to cook for the day, no worries! That’s what drive-thrus are for! But if you’re money-conscious (good for you!), there’s nothing wrong with instant ramen once in a while. Just add an egg for some extra nutrients and you’re set! And if you can’t do even that, make sure you just have something to snack on. And water. That way, at least you have something in your belly and you’re staying hydrated!


The research studies say we need about 8 hours of sleep each night, but most of us here are cutting an average of 5 hours and making up the rest with the daily coffee, tea, energy drink, etc. It’s hard maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, but it will definitely beat the feeling of your soul slipping in and out of your body during an afternoon lecture. Let’s not #astralproject during the day! So, if 8 hours of sleep is impossible because you have too much to do, just make a good start by going to bed every night at the same time. Whatever you have to do (unless deadlines are extremely close) can wait until tomorrow.


Doing nothing is doing something. You’re allowing yourself to rest and take a break from the anxieties of life. Even if you’re just sitting on the couch and staring into the void, that’s good enough. Put on a face mask or something and chill with a few episodes of your favorite netflix show (set an alarm or episode limit to avoid binging.) Play a few rounds of LOL or Smash with your friends! Whatever you decide to do, just relax and enjoy the feeling of being you.


Besides school, work, and sleep, what else do you need to do? Do you need to shop for groceries?  Is your gas tank due for a refilling? When was the last time you cleaned your room? If you’re not feeling like you’re being productive, that’s fine. Everyone falls into a lull when they’re trying to focus. It’s not that you’re lazy or dumb or anything like that (No! Not in a million years, fam!). You just need a break to step back from what you’re doing and process the information! Do something different for an hour or so! It doesn’t have to be a super intense cleaning session or a 2-hour meal prep. Just do something else for yourself!

Good luck on your exams! You’ll do great! You got this!

Valentine’s Day 2k19

Have you shot your shot at your special someone yet? No? Are you planning to shoot your shot this Valentine’s Day? Or are you just looking for ideas to surprise your special someone with?

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Surprise Date

Want to spice up your routine nights out? Need some ideas on what to do or where to go? Well, that’s kinda up to what you think you and your special someone would enjoy. If you’re down for something on the more casual side of things, a nice dinner at a sit-down restaurant followed by a movie is a classic date staple. You could also give fun, no-fuss places like bowling alleys and arcades a try (bring other people to ease the pressure if you like). However, if your plans are a little more complex and you want to end the night with a IG post declaring your love, you should probably look into places like (Naples, Long Beach), (Disneyland and/or Knotts), (Crystal Cove), etc. You know? Add some pretty scenery to your special night out!

Gifts They Can Wear

Jewelry gifts are real nice. If you’re thinking about stuff like couple’s necklaces and bracelets, or even a promise ring, you’re on the right track. No need to give you any advice on that one. But if you’re new to this, you should probably wait on giving them some serious bling. Instead, why not get a couple’s outfit? It doesn’t have to be a full outfit, but just something functional with a touch of you to remind your special someone of you when they are wearing your gift, like matching hoodies or bomber jackets! And if you’re not into matching, just make sure your gift is warm, stylish, and comfy!!!

Gifts They Can’t Wear

“It’s the thought that counts.” Yeah, the thought of the gift counts, but that doesn’t mean you should just get your special someone whatever. A gift of chocolates, candy, and desserts is always a go-to classic, especially if they have a sweet tooth! (Flowers are also a nice touch!) However, you could also go with something fun and quirky, something that makes them go 😮! This could be like a cuddle kit, fun-smelling candles, coffee mugs with cheesy slogans, or even a soft and squishy stuffed animal! These types of gifts usually involve some personal touches, so add a personal message or a flourish to it that will scream “ME + U”!

Appreciate What You Have Together

If you’re nervous about shooting your shot, don’t worry. Take it easy. These things take time and you probably should think about how you want to approach your special someone if you want to take your relationship to the next level. Even then, just appreciate their presence in your life and let them know how much you appreciate their friendship! Celebrate each other and be there to hype each other up when they need it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!