LA Skyscapers at nightKapi Residences provides high-end student housing at exceptionally affordable prices. All of our homes are professionally cleaned, inspected, and within walking distance from some of California’s top colleges and universities. As our tenant, you can:

  • Meet new friends from around the world and collaborate
  • Attend specially organized social and educational events for students
  • Have peace of mind knowing that our staff is available to assist you 24/7
  • Rent at one low price with utilities and cleaning services paid for

We’ll also set you up with:

  • Transportation from the airport to your apartment
  • An affordable and reliable rental car

Whether you’re local or coming to the Southern California for the first time, we’ll help you get settled and provide you with everything you need to live comfortably off campus. Call us today to find out if we have an apartment near your school and to learn more about our services.